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The Dark Art Of Pricing
Jessica Hische gives some fantastic guidance for pricing. An excellent read for any freelancer!
The Penitent Peddler
I have created a font pairing. Perhaps you will too?
Phaeton Giveaway
Typedia is giving away a copy of Phaeton. All you need to do is perform one good deed!
Typography is the soul of wit.
At long last, the world has a typography wiki, and an amazing one at that! Visit now, join up, and start sharing your knowledge!
Draw-droppingly clever typographical concepts and execution. Via Stanislaus.
Victorian Pharma Envelopes
I wish the advertising I got from modern pharma companies was this regal. A few comment spams from these guys would class any article right up!
Words Are Pictures
The impressive typographical illustration of Craig Ward.
The Layer Tennis Season Finale
Two matches going on simultaneously, with four veteran pixel pushers: Inman vs Glass, and Koxvold vs Hutchinson !
Spam One-Liners
Linzie Hunter takes the headlines from her junkmail and beautifully hand-letters them. Via Drawn.
The Avenir Typger
Sutter has submitted his excellent typographical tiger to Threadless. If you're like me, and you want one, go vote for it!
The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies
Alas Haberule — I hardly knew 'ye. Via Drawn
Henry Needle & Sons
Finally — a solution for carrying my keys, phone, wallet, mojo, thermos, and change of clothes without a cumbersome bag!
The Lions Roar
Gorgeously animated type in this video... worth watching even though it cuts off at the end.
15 Tips for choosing good Text Type
Some very helpful advice. And hey — another link I stole from Rob!
Times Mastheads
The evolution of this thing is just wonderful to see. The third one is probably my favorite, though I suppose that one only accomodates a slow news day... it's HUGE. From Smallest Photo.
Origins of Letterforms
Where do all these CRAZY letterforms come from? Robbed from Rob (The link... not the letterforms).
Ampersand Biography
Learn more about this intriguing character! Lifted from Coudal.
20 Best License-Free Fonts
Ooo... there are some real lookers in this bunch. Via airbag.
Type Workshop
Finally, a workshop you can't lose a finger in. And it's an excellent type resource to boot! Win/Win!
Designer's Toolbox
Need an envelope size? How about Character codes? A snippet of CSS? Or perhaps the measurements of a CD label? Well, you should probably look here first.
Polite Winter
A back-and-forth visual wrestling match between two very talented illustrators.
Thinking With Type
The on-line companion to the book Thinking with Type: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, & Students, by Ellen Lupton. I need not justify it further - we can all learn something.
Arial vs. Helvetica
Take the test: can you spot the difference between Arial and Helvetica?
Ars Thanea
A lovely agency site with a clever intro and excellent work.
Playground Blues
Personal Site of Nathan Borror. Photos, a unique array of projects, a healthy weblog, and an impressive array of resources make one rich site. A great example of designing with CSS, too.
Definitely the hippest way to present the news I've ever seen. Sort by country or article type. Link stolen from the irrepressible Inman
Encyclopaedia of Typography and Electronic Communication
Although garnering typographical advice from a site with poor typography is a pretty bad idea, these are just definitions, after all. There's some awfully interesting tidbits of information here.
An extremely "user-centric" approach to navigation. The site wants to know what you want, and wants to get you there. A simple idea, but rarely seen.
Russian Avant-Garde Book
An all-encompassing presentation. Details the history of the Russian Avant-Garde, in three major periods, with well-displayed samples of work.
BlamBot - Comic Fonts
This is a great resource if you need an idea of how to handle text in comics.
Rigsby Design
A great way to display work, stretching flash across the entire browser window to make sure your navigation is always in the corners.
One of the best "informational graphics" sites I've ever seen. Just a flawless use of flash, combined with interesting and well-informed content.

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