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Do yourself a favor... download this, and this, and this, and this, and read them. Via Coudal.
Motion graphics, character development, microsites, identity - Cocoe does a little bit of everything. I enjoy the site's design.
Ultra 16
Great agency site, fully done in flash. Tight motion, great colors, and some impressive projects.
Haven't seen a nice simple flash site like this in a while. It's a small scale presentation, but well-done.
D'Art Design
A well-done site. Flat color with a unique palette, and intriguing navigation make this worth checking out - even if you don't understand German. Which I don't.
Ars Thanea
A lovely agency site with a clever intro and excellent work.
I can't get enough of this typographical approach; and the navigation is pretty unique, but intuitive enough that it's not scary.
A very appropriate way for an agency to show their reel, and an intuitive interface with pleasing highlights. Not to mention a fantastic body of work.
An extremely "user-centric" approach to navigation. The site wants to know what you want, and wants to get you there. A simple idea, but rarely seen.
Rigsby Design
A great way to display work, stretching flash across the entire browser window to make sure your navigation is always in the corners.

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