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Origami Masks
Made from — wait for it — toilet paper rolls. Awesome.
Spooky Monkeys
The 2011 Spooky Sock Monkeys have arisen! And their lateness only makes them that much more EVIL!
Mosquito Sound
I guess the benefit of getting older is there's one less annoying sound I can hear.
Rugs Redux
Finally! A Bear Skin Rug that is environmentally responsible, but still cruel! Thanks to Matt for the link.
Spaghetti Fork
This will go great with that spoon that only scoops up marshmallows when you eat Lucky Charms.
Ara Pehlivanian has been writing several short stories for the past couple months, and I finally got a chance to add my contribution...
Vaudeville & Burlesque Lingo
This should really help you blend in with your fellow performers once you perfect your glass-eating act.
Spooky Monkeys 2010
Have arisen again from the monkey graveyard! Get them while they're dead!
Gum Alert
This should be helpful. You only get so many chews in a lifetime. Don't waste anymore than you need to.
Fossil Words
I'm going to bring back the word craw. But loggerheads can go to hell for all I care.
A delightful screamfest by animator Graham Annable, also known as Grickle.
I never knew this kind of hat had a name. I guess I do now.
The Pragmartist
Peter Miller's take on making art AND a living in these modern times.
The Dachshund Strikes Back
I'm a little foggy on the circumstances here. I remember we were visiting Cloud City... and I think Ernie told me he was my father? When I came to Billy Dee Williams was gently cradling me.
Murder For Supper
Laughter and a wholly unforeseen mystery conclusion await you!
Cell Size and Scale
Ever wonder just how big the littlest things are? Well... this should help.
Good Grumps
I'm unsure about this. If it were true, I'd have talked myself out of that hostage situation way sooner. Via Kicey.
2009 Spooky Monkeys
The new spooky sock monkeys have arisen! Get one before it gets you!
How A Sewing Machine Works
Such a complex process revealed so simply! And I was so sure it worked like this. Via Stan.
The Uncanny Valley
I always wondered what to call this phenomenon. Another good name for it would be "Creepy Baby Doll Syndrome".
The Lazy Bloggers Post Generator
Good news! I'll be posting 30 times more a month!
Burning Mountain
A fire that's been burning in Australia for over 6,000 years, started, I can only assume, by ancient no-good punk teens.
Son of Picnic Mtn
Sutter releases his second collection of Picnic Mtn comics. As entertaining as it is informative! (now I know what happens when a zombie and werewolf bite one another)
Romance is not Romantic
Having your lover whisper French or Italian in your ear might set your heart aflutter, but that's not why it's a Romance language...
Mighty Optical Illusions
A whole site dedicated to tricking your eyes. Maybe now they'll stop bragging about being "bottomless wells of soulful serenity".
Calvin's Snowmen
Having been laid up for most of the week with multiple herniated discs in my back... this alleviates some of my bad mood. Thanks Rob.
Label The World
This explains why I woke up this morning with a "Jerk" label stuck to my back.
I didn't realize there was a name for this. Now, what do you call it when you try and communicate to a foreigner by just speaking English with an accent?
Spooky Monkeys 2008
The scary monkeys of October have arisen! Get one before they disap — oh crap, there goes the zombie monkey.
Ask the Astronomer
For all your cosmic questions. Like... what's this "moon" everyone's talking about?
Monsters Are Taking Over!
That tree is watching me! And that building would make great sushi!
Pitch Drop Experiment
I'd say about 4 more years and then... BAM! Drop number nine!
Olympic Branding
An excellent retrospective of all the past branding of the Olympic Games, going way back to 1896. Via Metafilter.
Synthetic Bugs
Insects made from found objects (not including found insects — that would just be cheating). Via Drawn.
Corrugated Portraiture
Paul Dobry immortalizes people in cardboard. Well, he immortalizes people. Using cardboard. It's not like the people are in cardboard to begin with. I mean that would just be silly.
Doctor Plant
Three common household pollutants, and the house plants that can help get rid of them.
Look! I can make it go backwards, too! Via the irrepressible Mr. Corey.
The Ten Richest People Of All Time
...and how they made their fortunes. Dammit. I wish I got into pig iron when I had the chance.
Show Us Your Tweets
I don't use Twitter... but these one-liners bring me one step closer to trying!
Fold Your Shirt in Two Seconds
This is pretty handy. I previously only knew how to foul a shirt that fast.
The New Santa Maria Playground
Stan's new redesign creates a flexible place for design feet to stretch!
The Air Guitar Champion
This guy looks awfully familiar. Nice chaps.
Food Sculptures
All of these are quite impressive, though I wouldn't necessarily call all of them delicious.
Fray Drive
Fray is currently having a subscription drive for issue two. If you have the kind of eyeballs that like to read or look at art, Fray might just be for you!
US Personality Maps
According to the article, I'm perfectly located to be paranoid about my start-up company. Via Metafilter.
Animal Onomatopoeia
What animals say in different languages. Now I can talk to that Portuguese owl.
The Museum of Hoaxes
I've never really pulled a hoax, but if I did, I think I'd like to "photograph" a fight between Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.
The Layer Tennis Season Finale
Two matches going on simultaneously, with four veteran pixel pushers: Inman vs Glass, and Koxvold vs Hutchinson !
The Statue of Doomity
Lady Liberty is the Waldo of disaster films. Except in the original Where's Waldo? movie, and in Where's Waldo 2: There's Waldo.
Finger Paintings
Finally, a use for those weird things at the end of the arm! Via Notcot.
The Story of Stuff
It's a sad story... but it could have a happy ending, with some effort on our part.
Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age
I'm tired of Mark Twain rubbing his success in my face. Via Metafilter.
One of these babies could easily satisfy 50+ guests at a prehistoric clam bake. Via Coudal.
Guitar Hero Roadies
I would totally go to a White Heat show... maybe score some free dinner! Make sure to check out some of SPF7's other videos here, if you enjoy further entertainment.
Constructed Pictures
Laura Kicey takes pictures of places that exist, and makes pictures of places that don't exist.
Spam One-Liners
Linzie Hunter takes the headlines from her junkmail and beautifully hand-letters them. Via Drawn.
Halloween Layer Tennis
Make sure to catch this friday's special Halloween Tennis Match, between Stan and Brian Taylor. I hear they BOTH sold their souls at the crossroads to win this match... so... we'll see who had the one least tarnished by masturbation.
A Guy Walks Into A Bar...
An assortment of classic Bar Jokes. From the courageous Mr. Corey.
Drown The Penny
When there is no longer ANYTHING to talk about at the bar...
Bulletproof Backpacks
A good idea, but it's really not complete protection. Unless you can climb inside...
130 Cats in One Flat
Proof that a cat's natural habitat is really just a pile of other cats. Via Coudal.
United States Tetris
This really helped me remember what states are where. Now I can visit my parents again!
Tunnel House
You get a nice breeze through here in the summertime. Via Mr. Fish.
ALA Shirts on Sale!
I should think of a clever catchphrase for this... maybe "ALA shirts on SALA!" Though... that looks like a typo for "ALA shirts on SALAD!"... These shirts do look good on a salad, by the way.
Increase your brainpower without a Nintendo DS! If you're hesitant to sign up, just try out the IQ test games.
TV Tropes Wiki
A collection of common storytelling devices and conventions seen in television, literature and film.
1000 Blank White Cards
A fun little card game. Though it's not really a card game. It's a drawing game. Now all I need is someone to play with...
The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies
Alas Haberule — I hardly knew 'ye. Via Drawn
Cat with Bow Golf
Quite a fun game — I just wish the graphics were as tip-top as the mechanics...
Panda Sneeze
The big guy seems a bit jittery. That must be caffeinated bamboo.
Henry Needle & Sons
Finally — a solution for carrying my keys, phone, wallet, mojo, thermos, and change of clothes without a cumbersome bag!
Pop-Up Moleskine
Jim Woodring turns his sketchbook into a pop-up sketchbook — fantastic idea! Via Drawn.
Language In Common
Do yourself a favor... download this, and this, and this, and this, and read them. Via Coudal.
Carbon Copies
I'm not sure this is the thing for me or not, unless I can specify a hardness/softness value. I believe I'm more of a 2h guy than a 6b, you know? Via Drawn.
Bennett Robot Works
Hey... that's looks like my toaster... and... my radio transmitter!!! (link courtesy of Biggest Apple).
A sketchbook you carry like a bag! This will be much more pleasing to draw in than my groceries were...
A vast collection of unintentional comic-book humor. If you only have three clicks left in your mouse, go here, here, and here.
I wish my desk was this smart. Or at least didn't have all those boogers on the underside.
Pen Tricks
Learn how to twirl your pen about your hand like how Alexei Tikhonov tosses Maria Petrova around on the ice. Oh geez... um... forget I said that.
Start Here
I believe I'll have to look into these for my next sketchbook. Via Stanislaus.
If A Bird Can't Fly It Walks
The Morning News selected my entry for The Non-Expert's Contest for Total Idioms. Jump on over there now to pick it up in bumper sticker form!
Dream Anatomy
Everything you know about human anatomy is wrong. Vian. I mean... Via Ian.
Every Mythbusters Myth
Here's a quick page where you can see what myths have been busted on Mythbusters and what haven't. Better check this out before you put that jawbreaker in the microwave.
Dead Sodas
You can no longer drink any of these, unless you break into a museum.
Mystery Spots
Classic American roadside attractions... of mystery! As it happens, I stopped for gas in a town with a Unexplainable Hole yesterday.
The Phobia List
Wow... look at all this great stuff I can be afraid of!
Space Banana
Our satellites are going to be slipping all out of orbit. Dammit!
Have Another Mint
Shaun releases Mint 2, and somehow manages to make an excellent stats program even MORE beautiful and functional. Using magic, I'd suppose.
Code Cake
I'm thinking of getting something like this for my robot nephew.
The Tree Circus
It's probably a good thing that trees don't scream.
Tacoma Narrows Newsreel
Most people have probably seen this footage somewhere along the line. I usually pass out before I get to the end though. Via Damn Interesting.
Mysterious Object Crashes Through Roof
It's probably just a bit of petrified cloud.
Water Behavior In Microgravity
I've seen a couple of these videos of water doing wacky things in low gravity conditions, but these are by far the best quality. Thanks to Ian for the link!
The 100 Funniest Jokes Of All Time
According to GQ, at least. My own list would include that What do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back? joke. Just so you're aware, some of these contain "adult language".
The Most Dangerous Roads in the World
I better return my strolling jodhpurs because I'm canceling my walking tour of Bolivia. Via Rob.
Never, never never never never NEVER EVER NEVER.
George Washington
He'll save the children, but not the british children. Via Rob. From a long time ago.
An oldie, but I wanted to make sure I had it in the archive, lest our trailblazing viral-marketing forefathers be forgotten. From Springfish.
Build A Beast
It's probably a lot easier to take these things apart than put them back together. That's why there's so many more big-game dinosaur hunters than big-game dinosaur veterinarians.
50 Uses for Vinegar
I'm not sure how complete this list is. There's no mention of downing a delicious mug of Hot Vinegar with Marshmellows on a cold winter's day.
Mojo Diorama
A real-life interpretation of the comic Mojo; which was of course, a comic interpretation of the original Mojo. Thanks to Scott for sharing a shot of his excellent Christmas gift... which he for some reason got 4 days before Christmas.
AIGA Wrapping Paper
Get yourself some of Stan's classy wrapping paper! Then bake some pizzelles. Then, send me some.
Eh eh eh ehh
Eh eh, Eh eh eh he. Ehhh eh. Eh EHEH Eheh...
Times Mastheads
The evolution of this thing is just wonderful to see. The third one is probably my favorite, though I suppose that one only accomodates a slow news day... it's HUGE. From Smallest Photo.
Desktop Christmas Tree
Get your computer a digital christmas tree this year. It's free, and you won't have to contact the township to haul it away come February.
My Team, Your Team
Someone play this with me, please.
Executive Coloring Book
Oh man. I ran out of gray halfway through this thing...
Are You Tone Deaf?
Time to find out if I wasted my money on that tour bus. Via Coudal, buried under a pile of feeds.
The Wovel
If I had one of these things, I'd never throw out my back while shoveling snow again. So let's all agree not to share this link with my wife and neighbors. Hmmm?
The Game of Life
Hmmm. I'd hoped the breeding would be more... you know...
Crown Glass
For years I wondered why I'd see windows with a weird "bull's eye" shape in one of the panes. Well, I finally have my answer...
Guess The Logo
Well... I can't clarify that any further. So I'll just sit here and hum while you go guess. Hummmmm.... hummmmmm.... From Coudal.
50 Dark Movies, Hidden in a Painting
I have to say... I'm quite impressed with this game. And I'd love to know who painted it. Via Stanislaus.
The Highest Scrabble Score Ever. Maybe. Via Kottke.
Origins of Letterforms
Where do all these CRAZY letterforms come from? Robbed from Rob (The link... not the letterforms).
Death By Caffeine
Find out how many glasses of your favorite caffeinated beverage you'll need before you go from perpetually awake... to perpetually asleep.
Snakebite Advice
The lesson here is ALWAYS make sure you're smarter than helpful strangers.
Falling Sand Game
Hmmm... who would have thought sand could be fun!?
Guest on Veerle's Blog
Veerle Pieters was gracious enough to interview me for her magnificent site — Feel free to give it a read!
2006 Spooky Monkeys
There's 8 new Spooky Monkeys on sale now! Get em while they're hot and scary! UPDATE: Sorry folks... all sold out. But they're still worth looking at!
How to Build an Igloo
Don't scoff. What if an Ice Age hits when you least expect it? What are you gonna live in? Tauntaun belly?
Homemade Tattoos
I don't advocate doing this in any way. But it's good to know how to do it, if I ever get a spare body.
Kingdom of Loathing
It's an RPG, so I feel nerdy... but it's funny — so the laughter heals my nerd-shame. Everything balances out!
The Glass Armonica
Play those bowls! And if you hate reading, just listen to this.
Vanishing Coin Trick
Get a start on your magic career, a "lonely life where people make fun of you behind your back and you don't even know it". Of course, if that doesn't bother you, you might also want to pursue the Phantom Coin, Whispering Queen, and Forcing the Card.
I'm not sure what station number this is. But there's bare asses, so it must be cable...
Draw the Pirate
Glad I never participated in that send-away drawing test; I handle rejection MUCH differently. From the resplendent Mr. Corey.
Make a Chewbacca
You've always wanted to make a puppet; now you're one light-year closer! Via Drawn.
Tip The Pizza Guy
Not sure how much to tip the Pizza Delivery guy? Want to learn more about Pizza Delivery Driver's Association? Get your answers here...
Stan's Amazing Secret
Apparently, people in the past also had hands 3 times the size of normal man.
Wuss Bear
Well, this doesn't do much for the reputation of bears. Looks like the cougar will get the "deadliest-animal" trophy THIS year too.
Super Mario Live
This idea is just hilarious... and I'm impressed with the accuracy of their recreation! From the vigilant John Nick.
Card Throwing
Oh baby... I'm going to give that hard fruit and drywall their comeuppance!
My Father the Transvestite
Now that's a good story...
Who Killed the Electric Car?
Maybe it's about time to find out. For years now, I've suspected it was my creepy neighbor, Mr. Pintulo — but I may be wrong. Via the usual suspect.
The Regurgitators
"Vaudeville historians state that booking the regurgitators almost always had the effect of killing their supper shows"
Incredible Machines
Japanese Rube Goldberg contraptions. Even though these are a well-mined concept, I will never tire of watching them in action... From the inestimable Mr. Corey.
Damn Interesting
If you're like me, and you just love to read about facts and such... this is the place for you.
In this version you can NEVER rip the felt and destroy the table and ruin family fun night...
Book Bound in Human Skin Discovered
Library overdue fines were much more severe 300 years ago.
Paper Airplanes
Make an entire flammable airforce...
Passenger Moose
This is one bizarre car accident. Plucked from the Vine.
Mysterious Mose
When I was a kid, this would have kept me awake in fright for days. Come to think of it, it still might! Drawn from Drawn.
Family Reunion
A new Inkfinger print. There was no question; I saw this and immediately bought it.
Ampersand Biography
Learn more about this intriguing character! Lifted from Coudal.
Cat Piano
Oh those wacky Princes, and their even wackier animal abuse! Thanks to BA/SP for the link.
World Sunlight Map
With this map, and a flying beach towel, I can tan indefinitely. From Coudal.
Bouncer in your Brain
See? I leave the refrigerator door open because it's unimportant; not because I forget.
Mr. T In Your Pocket
Well... where ELSE would he be?
Hilarious Knitted Art
Maybe it's time to take Grandma out of the home and put her in prison. Once again, from Drawn.
Retribution, Divine or Otherwise
You better hope you have a guardian angel; because if you don't...
Remember That Mug
Here's one reason to develop your caricature skills. Via Drawn.
Topless Sandals
Come summertime, I can get sun-poisoning on the entire top of my foot!
Guiness Commercial
Quite well done! Almost makes me willing to eat a Guiness.
Please Do Not Stab Me
Hopefully, this shirt will undo some of the theoretical damage that Stabby McKnife's critics fear.
The Art of Demotivation
Learn to increase the social distance between you and your employees. A must for executives!
Great Shirt!
I wonder who made it!? *hang head*
Pass the Pigs
This is an oldie — a virtual version of the "Pigs" game. I'm a little surprised I never posted this before...
Blue Ball Machine
This thing must have taken quite a while to construct. But it's reinvigorated the classic medium of animated gif! Link gingerly lifted from Rob.
I want to...
Have something you want to do online? Here's where to start looking for help. Via Coudal.
Wake Up Calls
I hadn't been to orisinal in a while, so I went this morning. I think I enjoyed this game the most...
Interactive Mona Lisa
Changes her expressions on rollover, just as Leonardo intended.
Spooky Sock Monkeys
Now available at Sockmonkeydrawer, especially for Halloween — get one before the bloodthirsty villagers do!
The Smaller Picture
Each visit is a chance to decide whether one pixel of the picture should be black or white, in a collective attempt to create a themed image. You can watch an animation of how the image is transforming, too.
Grand Canyon Walkway
Never. Never, never, never, never, never-never-never-never. Never. Via Firewheel.
Tongue Bug
This a really quite a creepy thought. Glad I'm not a fish. Thanks to Anders for the link.
Bazooka Joe Theatre
Looks like Inkfinger is moving into the big-time producer arena.
Design Encyclopedia
This could work out really well. It's a wiki, so it's built by users adding their own two cents on the subject — now... go be an author. From k10k.
Tell them what kind of music you like, and they'll create a playlist of songs you might wanna listen to. Now that's pretty helpful!
Apparently, our current depictions of dinosaurs are a bit wide of the mark. Thanks to Charles for the story link.
My Pirate Name
Another "name generator", although this is the most in-depth questionnaire in which I've ever partook.
Cat in the Box
There's going to be a lot of cat vomit on their floor...
Cheat at Scrabble
Get all these tattooed on your body – you'll win every time...
Smoking Manners
Tiny little japanese advertisements encouraging proper smoking ettiquette. Yanked from Coudal
Checkershadow Illusion
Wow... this is incredible. Looks like I'm going to have to punish my eyes for tricking me. *stab*
Murray, A Monkey's Tail
Frequent visitor Biggest Apple documents the arrival of Murray, the Sockmonkey. After a 5-day transit, I'm sure I would lounge about, too...
Online Etch-A-Sketch
Unlike a real one, you can't break this open to find out what's inside. But try anyways.
10 Worst Album Covers of All Time
There's no real loser here. They're all champions in my book.
Paypal Advice
How to Spot Fraudulent Emails. It never hurts to read a little about this subject – it could save your account from an ass-reaming.
Awesome Flooring
I apparently sell rugs. Awesome Rugs (8th listing down).
Draw A Pig
Finally, a personality test specifically targeting my personality!
International Federation of Competitive Eating
Calf Born with 5 Legs
According to the rancher, "The little booger's doing good."
Poison Ivy Identifier
It's like Hot or Not for Poison Ivy. A helpful guide to start the summer!
An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth
Some damn good advice. Swiped from 37signals.
Meeting the global needs of e-markets with solutions using cutting-edge design and groundbreaking business global e-solutions. Globally.
"People from around the world share their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard." Man - it's like the post office opened a confessional!
Unintentionally Sexual Comic Covers
Maddox at The Best Page in the Universe evaluates 5 disturbing Comic Book covers. Via Tom.
Create A Caricature
Time to mock your friends and co-workers! Just select pieces from the drop-downs on the left to build a drawing. You can also do female caricatures...
Radiohead Art
A humongous collection of imagery and internet goo-gaa, organized by album. Nabbed from Drawn
A useful skill to have. I may have to resort to burglary once this artsy-fartsy thing falls through.
A Letter To The Moon
White Ninja mails a letter to the moon...
Buffo, World's Strongest Clown
Quote: 'Buffo is not an ordinary clown. Seeing is believing'. I'm not sure I could handle seeing Buffo in real life. Via Pajamazzon.
Poorly-drawn cartoons inspired by actual spam subject lines. Lifted gingerly from Coudal.
Virtual Rubik's Cube
I only beat Rubik's Cube once, and that was because I peeled off all the stickers and rearranged them. You need to click on the astronaut on the far left to mix it up and get it started...
Picnic Mountain; A Prequel
An Inkfinger Cartoon by Matt Sutter. Might be one of my favorites to date.
World Beard Championships
I think I've said all I need to grab your interest.
NYPL Digital Gallery
The New York Public Library's 275,000 image archive of ephemera and memorabilia. It's now even easier for me to be a shut-in. Via Zeldman.
The Shoelace Site
Ian Fieggen has put together the most comprehensive site about shoelaces and shoelace-tying I've ever seen. Now I don't need to buy velcro shoes anymore!
A wonderful site dealing with... well, issues of language.
Polite Winter
A back-and-forth visual wrestling match between two very talented illustrators.
I saw this site (and a commercial) the other day, and I was pretty intrigued. Now, I hate cars, but I really think the animal concept is well-executed.
Wow - Pennysylvania's government put together such a kick-ass campaign? Based on the PA license plate, you wouldn't think they had a LICK of creativity...
Rich List
I assume anyone who can access this webpage is AT LEAST in the top twenty percent...
Car Crash on News
This is almost too ridiculous to believe... but, the camera doesn't lie...
Monkeys in Jail
These little guys deserve everything they get. I really needed my car! To drive places!
Bill Watterson on Comics
A speech Watterson gave, on the state of comic art. Pretty damn insightful...
The Credit Card Prank
This fellow wanted to see just how bad his signature could get before people noticed it didn't match his card...
Strong Language
Take that, corporate jargon! Nobody likes you!
The Daily Photo Project
This guy has taken a picture of himself every day for about 5 years now. My, how fashion has changed!
White Ninja Comics
Let me start you off; take a look at this little gem here, and another beaut' right here.
Arial vs. Helvetica
Take the test: can you spot the difference between Arial and Helvetica?
What's that Stuff?
Wondering what Cheez Whiz is made out of? Thinking about going into the Artificial Snow business? Make sure you check this place out beforehand...
Kevin Hulsey
A wonderful step-by-step look at the method used to create an amazingly detailed illustration of a ship.
Dead Man Eating
A bizarre concept for a blog - posting about inmates sentenced to death, and their last meal. It even has audio posts!
Typewriter Art
This fellow uses a typewriter to create portraits, landscapes, even replicate existing art.
Robert Burns Cameron III
Reciept drawings, drawings from work (a sketchbook), and Uber-style (a video) piece. Interesting stuff to check out!
The Condiment Gallery
This one was posted in the Online Museums comments (in the News Section), but I thought it was so cool I figured I'd put it in here, too.
British Library
The British Library takes such notable artistic works as Leonardo Da Vinci's notebook and the Lindisfarne Gospels, couples it with "faux-book" navigation, and tops it off with audio/text commentary. God, I hope this never goes offline.
TRON Costume
This will eventually be a quality piece of outerwear. I would suggest a codpiece before he goes out in public, however.
The Horror of Blimps
Somehow, stories of other people acting in crazed fear always amuse me.
Girl on Xylophone
This kid is either a musical prodigy, or some kind of puppet... which would explain the perpetual smile.
Find A Grave
Bring out your dead! Or, look them up here and bring 'em out yourself. Via Bored.
Simeon's Card Trick
God. This trick is FREAKING me out almost as much as that David Blaine Hostage Negotiation special. Via Bored.
One-Legged Dancer
Of course he can do this kind of shit - look at his shirt for god's sake!
Definitely the hippest way to present the news I've ever seen. Sort by country or article type. Link stolen from the irrepressible Inman
Encyclopaedia of Typography and Electronic Communication
Although garnering typographical advice from a site with poor typography is a pretty bad idea, these are just definitions, after all. There's some awfully interesting tidbits of information here.
Barcode Yourself
I searched high and low for the bar code that was me. Turns out I could have just gone here and figured it out, instead of stealing bar codes from turnips.
Global ID Card
ID Magazine had a contest to design an international ID card - and here's the winner...
Clown Sweater
BEWARE! This will only serve to fuel your "Eaten by a Clown" recurring nightmares...
The Cat with Hands
By far, one of the creepiest things I've seen in a looooonnnnnngggg time. Excellently executed.
An extremely "user-centric" approach to navigation. The site wants to know what you want, and wants to get you there. A simple idea, but rarely seen.
Paper Airplanes
Plenty of airships to create. As long as you have your folding hands...
Urban Dictionary
Who needs Websters? Finally, a resource that lets me learn the difference between a chud and a choad.
I'm sorry. I'm not sure that's a real word. Are you just making stuff up, now? I don't have time for this — I'm a busy search engine!
Peter Pan Man
This is head-scratchingly confusing. What happened?
One of the best "informational graphics" sites I've ever seen. Just a flawless use of flash, combined with interesting and well-informed content.

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