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Dan Mall
The talented and tenacious Dan Mall redesigns, and it looks great!
45 Well-Designed Book Covers
Great reference for... well... me. I hate designing book covers.
Around The World In Ten Layers
Ten designers in ten cities, fifteen minutes at a time. It's like a Photoshop Olympics.
Olympic Branding
An excellent retrospective of all the past branding of the Olympic Games, going way back to 1896. Via Metafilter.
The New Santa Maria Playground
Stan's new redesign creates a flexible place for design feet to stretch!
Excelsior 1968
John Martz drew every student from his mother's 1968 yearbook, and released it in book form. So that's what happened to ol' Karen Hofstetter.
Words Are Pictures
The impressive typographical illustration of Craig Ward.
Sketchbooks for designers, by designers! I myself have begun to use the handsome and versatile Grid Draw Small.
The Layer Tennis Season Finale
Two matches going on simultaneously, with four veteran pixel pushers: Inman vs Glass, and Koxvold vs Hutchinson !
Constructed Pictures
Laura Kicey takes pictures of places that exist, and makes pictures of places that don't exist.
Spam One-Liners
Linzie Hunter takes the headlines from her junkmail and beautifully hand-letters them. Via Drawn.
Halloween Layer Tennis
Make sure to catch this friday's special Halloween Tennis Match, between Stan and Brian Taylor. I hear they BOTH sold their souls at the crossroads to win this match... so... we'll see who had the one least tarnished by masturbation.
Vintage Photos of US Cities
How I long for the days when a man could wear a fedora and a three-piece suit and not be thought odd.
Web Design Survey Results
ALA has compiled all the info from the spring survey into one handy dandy, information-filled .pdf!
The Avenir Typger
Sutter has submitted his excellent typographical tiger to Threadless. If you're like me, and you want one, go vote for it!
Stuff and Nonsense Badges
Andy Clarke has put together a real life Stuff and Nonsense badge. I'm going to wear mine on my chest!
The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies
Alas Haberule — I hardly knew 'ye. Via Drawn
Only 5 Left
Just in case your wondering, there are only 5 Swap Meat Scrapbooks left. So... if you want one... you're running out of time. *UPDATE: All sold out*
The ALA Web Design Survey
If you're a web designer, zoom on over to A List Apart and answer some questions. Let's help each other find out more about industry standards like salary and necessary skills.
Pop-Up Moleskine
Jim Woodring turns his sketchbook into a pop-up sketchbook — fantastic idea! Via Drawn.
Archival Quality
Stan sends out a call to discuss better archiving of design on the web — anyone got a good solution?
Language In Common
Do yourself a favor... download this, and this, and this, and this, and read them. Via Coudal.
Bennett Robot Works
Hey... that's looks like my toaster... and... my radio transmitter!!! (link courtesy of Biggest Apple).
AIGA Wrapping Paper
Get yourself some of Stan's classy wrapping paper! Then bake some pizzelles. Then, send me some.
Times Mastheads
The evolution of this thing is just wonderful to see. The third one is probably my favorite, though I suppose that one only accomodates a slow news day... it's HUGE. From Smallest Photo.
Executive Coloring Book
Oh man. I ran out of gray halfway through this thing...
ALA T-Shirts...
...are now available! Including one of my favorite ALA drawings.
Guess The Logo
Well... I can't clarify that any further. So I'll just sit here and hum while you go guess. Hummmmm.... hummmmmm.... From Coudal.
Shaun Inman 9
It's a ballsy experiment... let's check it out together, shall we?
Cutout Art
I doubt any of the buildings would pass building codes. Or a really strong breeze. But man this stuff is fun to look at... From an enormous and healthy snack.
Fedex Logo
I never picked up on this. Although, I can say that I always seemed to head East when looking for a FedEx facility. From SvN.
Family Reunion
A new Inkfinger print. There was no question; I saw this and immediately bought it.
Ampersand Biography
Learn more about this intriguing character! Lifted from Coudal.
Blissfully Aware
No longer being New In Philly, Joshua Lane spends his design time on a brand new site...
Delicious Days
Tasty design, photos and recipes. Yet I'm still hungry for more. Strange...
Hilarious Knitted Art
Maybe it's time to take Grandma out of the home and put her in prison. Once again, from Drawn.
Eat my shit, Photoshop!
Looks like there's a way around some of your jerk-like behavior!
Under The Loupe
Stan releases the first in a series of design-related articles. The inaugural topic? White Space.
An extension for Firefox that allows you to get hex values, x/y coordinates and such without having to leave your browser!
Stan on AIGA
Good buddy Jason Santa Maria gets interviewed by AIGA about the upcoming An Event Apart in Philadelphia.
Think you could be an Account Executive?
Pixelworthy is looking currently looking for one...
Design Magazine 1965-1974
All online. Now. *sound of rubbing hands*. Via Coudal.
Wide Screen
Finally, a monitor that lets me view 7 programs in one glance, and converts into a bed at night.
Wow. I just can't get enough links regarding greeked text. This is like, the third one I've posted.
KUCD Redesign
My alma mater redesigns... and I love it!
Design Encyclopedia
This could work out really well. It's a wiki, so it's built by users adding their own two cents on the subject — now... go be an author. From k10k.
Q about Quark
Stan posits a question to print designers. And you know what? I'd like to hear their opinion on this too...
Logo Rip-Offs
Some mighty suspicious design similarities being pointed out here. Via Jeff Croft.
Quite a good way to make sure you still have a record of what was inspirational about a particular site (especially if they redesign when you're not looking).
Design In-Flight
...is reborn as a website. Hurrah!
A photoblog with quite a unique way to present content.
Book Jacket Designs
Another collection from the New York Public Library. Much more interesting than human jackets.
Inman Redux
The Shaun Inman redesign is .com/plete. Wonderful! Wonderful!
Vintage Ad's Journal
Just what it promises to be. I love looking at this stuff! Via Drawn.
Scott Brooks
Beautiful rendered art with some unsettlingly effective concepts. You've been warned. Thanks to John Nick for the link.
Jeff Louella
Another Standards Nut is born! Jeff gives a little insight into web history...
Dan Mall
A simple, clean blog from a man who loves design. Keep your eye on this fella...
Afterglow Studio
The incredible lamps of Andrew Schulman. My favorite? Why it has to be the Capper...
NYPL Digital Gallery
The New York Public Library's 275,000 image archive of ephemera and memorabilia. It's now even easier for me to be a shut-in. Via Zeldman.
Designer's Toolbox
Need an envelope size? How about Character codes? A snippet of CSS? Or perhaps the measurements of a CD label? Well, you should probably look here first.
Polite Winter
A back-and-forth visual wrestling match between two very talented illustrators.
AIGA Design Archives
The AIGA is keeping an archive of all the work they judge annually. A great reference to check out contemporary artwork.
Wow - Pennysylvania's government put together such a kick-ass campaign? Based on the PA license plate, you wouldn't think they had a LICK of creativity...
Dollar Art
It's not what you think, and it's definitely worth more than a dollar!
The personal site of Justin Marcucci. An all-around well-done integration of flash animation, flash-programming, and design. Nice work, too.
Noe Design
An extremely clever interface - if I had this action figure, I could have him design logos for my Adventure People...
Ultra 16
Great agency site, fully done in flash. Tight motion, great colors, and some impressive projects.
Arial vs. Helvetica
Take the test: can you spot the difference between Arial and Helvetica?
Ars Thanea
A lovely agency site with a clever intro and excellent work.
Robert Burns Cameron III
Reciept drawings, drawings from work (a sketchbook), and Uber-style (a video) piece. Interesting stuff to check out!
Playground Blues
Personal Site of Nathan Borror. Photos, a unique array of projects, a healthy weblog, and an impressive array of resources make one rich site. A great example of designing with CSS, too.
We Are Porn
Art influenced by (or derived from) pornographic imagery. Don't panic - this isn't a porno site, although you might wanna steer clear if your squeamish about that sort of thing.
Carl De Kyzer
Excellent photos, and an excellent presentation.
An excellent body of charicature art and illustration, in the faux-book navigation format.
The personal site of Canadian multimedia developer Philip Glofcheskie. Make sure you check out the .swf work - it's always nice to see experiments presented in a pretty package.
Level Vodka
Just a pretty, pretty site. The little details like the cursor and the "loading" bottle, along with the seamless transitions between sections make me feel like a sophisticated playboy web surfer! My favorite section was the Finding Balance section...
Sin for Sale
Clothing and more, in a well-designed shell. Great handling of type and texture, and great use of a minimal color palette. Thanks to Tom for the link.
One of the best "informational graphics" sites I've ever seen. Just a flawless use of flash, combined with interesting and well-informed content.

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