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The Dark Art Of Pricing
Jessica Hische gives some fantastic guidance for pricing. An excellent read for any freelancer!
The Motoring Art of Stefan Marjoram
I love these! Which is really saying something, because I hate cars.
Two Cent Comics
One of my former illustration teachers has been posting the work of some of his students-made-good on his site. Take a gander at his legacy, and his comics!
Mattias Adolfsson
If only I could sum up in one sentence how much joy every single one of these drawings brings me. But I can't. They're just too good. Too damn good. Also, can't believe I never posted a link to Mattias's work before.
Wash Painting
A beautiful article on the dwindling art of wash painting, and some handy guides for those who want to revive it! Thanks to John for the link!
Son of Picnic Mtn
Sutter releases his second collection of Picnic Mtn comics. As entertaining as it is informative! (now I know what happens when a zombie and werewolf bite one another)
Gabriel Utasi
Lovely work and rib-tickling comics! And when's the last time you had your ribs tickled? Hmmm?
Scotty Reifsnyder
Such a fantastically flat and earthy style. The balance of simplicity and complexity here is wonderful!
Kilowatt Kat
Adam Nickel's illustrations are just so... perfectly retro. He must have a time machine!
Excelsior 1968
John Martz drew every student from his mother's 1968 yearbook, and released it in book form. So that's what happened to ol' Karen Hofstetter.
Doodle Collage
Submit a doodle request, and these three talented fellows will draw it. Or, on a rare occasion, I will be able to.
Words Are Pictures
The impressive typographical illustration of Craig Ward.
Jason Waskey
This Seattle-based artist is doing a painting a day. Oh — let me embellish that a little — a single, gorgeously-executed painting a day.
The Layer Tennis Season Finale
Two matches going on simultaneously, with four veteran pixel pushers: Inman vs Glass, and Koxvold vs Hutchinson !
Rory Walker
I'm quite smitten with these illustrations — excellent characters, flawless inking, and superb color!
Spam One-Liners
Linzie Hunter takes the headlines from her junkmail and beautifully hand-letters them. Via Drawn.
Halloween Layer Tennis
Make sure to catch this friday's special Halloween Tennis Match, between Stan and Brian Taylor. I hear they BOTH sold their souls at the crossroads to win this match... so... we'll see who had the one least tarnished by masturbation.
The Wenceslas Hollar Digital Collection
Over 4,000 original illustrations from a master etcher. Via Metafilter.
The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies
Alas Haberule — I hardly knew 'ye. Via Drawn
Resources and listings for illustrators. This is only in its beta stage, but it could turn out to be a handy portal. Via Drawn.
Pop-Up Moleskine
Jim Woodring turns his sketchbook into a pop-up sketchbook — fantastic idea! Via Drawn.
How can a site run by a robot have so much heart? Whatever the case, if you haven't seen the blog, portfolio and comics of John Martz, you should.
Vector Drawing Tips
More helpful advice from the Typies blog: this time some tips on working with bezier curves.
Al Hirschfeld drawing a caricature
There's nothing more mesmerizing than watching people make stuff. You know, like drawings. Or love.
Monster House Concept Art
The colors, the characters, the attention to detail. It's all just gorgeous.
Graham Roumieu
These images give me pleasure. In fact, I'd go so far as to say, they charm me. Yes. I have been charmed!
Anatomy Reference Online
"Your one stop source for human anatomy references for 3D and traditional artists." Man... I need a site like this for cars. I suck at cars.
Temple of the Seven Golden Camels
Mark Kennedy writes about storyboarding, animation and drawing. Absolutely stuffed full of good advice. From SvN.
Times Mastheads
The evolution of this thing is just wonderful to see. The third one is probably my favorite, though I suppose that one only accomodates a slow news day... it's HUGE. From Smallest Photo.
My Team, Your Team
Someone play this with me, please.
Executive Coloring Book
Oh man. I ran out of gray halfway through this thing...
An Illustrated History of Wood Engraving
Oh baby. From C world.
Blind Contour Portraits
Portrait prints fresh from the Inktopus's Garden... where the Silkscreen Blossom grows.
Inking Tutorial
Tom Richmond, of Mad Magazine, gives an in-depth tutorial on how he inks. And apparently, he's got a coloring tutorial out there as well. From Drawn!.
Beetle Invasion
Niff releases her Beetle Prints on the world. Buy some today, unless you've been infected with heebie-jeebies.
Fleet Street Scandal
Smart, sharp prints from two excellent artists, Chris Turnham and Kevin Dart. It's like a superhero team that fights empty wall-space.
Rebecca Silus
Wonderful landscapes — an incredible balance between simple and complex, detail versus ambiguity, color and empty canvas...
Rodney White
Gorgeously painted "snapshots", reminiscent of antique package design. I love every one of 'em... From k10k.
Stephen Wiltshire
Cityscapes and landscapes by an autistic savant artist; make sure you check out this project. Nabbed from Coudal.
The Cloud Highway
You can't afford to be late!
Steve Harrington
...and his amazing prints! Colorful and complex — I believe the Discover Series is my favorite...
The Monster Engine
Dave Devries repaints children's drawings of monsters. It's just a BRILLIANT idea. From a comment by Nikki.
Family Reunion
A new Inkfinger print. There was no question; I saw this and immediately bought it.
The Inkfinger Store
Open for business. Get yourself somethin' nice, sugarplum.
mcville.net Interview
I got interviewed — and this time, it's not about my sex scandal!
Lev Yilmaz
Balance, Richard, Worry, Success... Such entertaining honesty. Via Drawn.
Ashley Wood
Excellent, excellent work — his paintings strike the perfect balance between detail and suggestion...
Rachael Fowler
Subtle tonal changes and stripped-down compositions... this is how traditional art looks naked.
The Fantastic in Art and Fiction
An excellent collection of art maintained by Cornell University. Lifted unabashedly from Coudal.
Dianne Murphy
Gorgeous color etchings that explore the creepier side of childhood. I'll probably just skip the doll aisle at the toy store entirely from now on. Thanks to Mearso for the link.
Old Trading Cards
Turn-of-the-century (last century) caricatures, in trading card form. I'll trade you my Mark Twain for your Roscoe Conkling!
The Big Picture film
Illustrator Kevin Fitzpatrick documents his drawing process, and discusses the personal philosophies the act reflects. It's really interesting to watch these drawings come together...
Mel Kadel
Wonderfully honest illustrations. They feel like turn-of-the-century book drawings, rescued from the attic, and drawn on again...
Jim Horwat
A great mix of color and shape - each of these images are simple and complex at the same time!
4 Sisters put their art on display together. There's a nice assortment of style in this cozy little site...
Dan James' illustration - an organic, woodblock-ish style with skillful color usage. Thanks to Rob for the link.
Jon Burgerman
A wonderful new redesign with lots of playful content - I'm having a ball!
Poorly-drawn cartoons inspired by actual spam subject lines. Lifted gingerly from Coudal.
Henrik Drescher
The loose, organic style of Henrik Drescher. Use the columns on the left and right to view his sketches and art.
Polite Winter
A back-and-forth visual wrestling match between two very talented illustrators.
Ivan Brunetti
Absolutely gorgeous Covers, Comic Strips, Illustrations - and an incredibly versatile style.
Sweet and Painful
Lovely character and color work from Philipp Pontzen.
Medium Phobic
Great illustrations with unique decisions on texture and structure.It's like viewing the outside and the inside at the same time!
Till Lassmann
Great character drawings; reminds me of Bill Plympton quite a bit...
Modern Thought
A collection of animations by UK Artist David Shrigley.
The Perry Bible Fellowship
Great strip cartoons from Nicholas Gurewitch. Thanks to Cash for the link.
Kelly Lynn Jones
Wonderful and delicate imagery in the gallery. Yeah, I can appreciate quilts - take that, meatheads!
Kinsey Visual
The artwork of Dave Kinsey. Make sure you check out the painting section; I bet he's been banned from library after library...
Little Cartoons
That's what I said. Little cartoons.
Devon Bowman
Painterly illustrations that smack of byzantine art. Put on your clicking fingers!
The Boy Fitz Hammond
Wonderful style; lots of images to check out, too. I'm pretty keen on the Gallery Au Crayon...
Justin DeGarmo
Wonderful illustrations and paintings; especially the faces - I love em!
Kevin Hulsey
A wonderful step-by-step look at the method used to create an amazingly detailed illustration of a ship.
Robert Burns Cameron III
Reciept drawings, drawings from work (a sketchbook), and Uber-style (a video) piece. Interesting stuff to check out!
Design Kitten
The personal site of Trish Harvey - "artist, philosopher & design kitten". Great use of color accents and a meandering, exploratory line on this illustrative weblog.
An excellent body of charicature art and illustration, in the faux-book navigation format.
Camilla Falsini
These are some fun illustrations; the colors are great, too.
Ann Telnaes
Illustrative style with design saavy, and smart humor that makes every joke I ever did hate itself. Courtesy of Cashdollar
John Copeland
These journals are fantastic - I only wish I could see them up close. The main site also posts his illustrations.
Tim Tomkinson
I love this guys style - very fluid and organic, with excellent tonal range in his hatching. An excellent grasp of text, too.

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