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The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies
Alas Haberule — I hardly knew 'ye. Via Drawn
Archival Quality
Stan sends out a call to discuss better archiving of design on the web — anyone got a good solution?
Times Mastheads
The evolution of this thing is just wonderful to see. The third one is probably my favorite, though I suppose that one only accomodates a slow news day... it's HUGE. From Smallest Photo.
Design Magazine 1965-1974
All online. Now. *sound of rubbing hands*. Via Coudal.
Wow. I just can't get enough links regarding greeked text. This is like, the third one I've posted.
Design Encyclopedia
This could work out really well. It's a wiki, so it's built by users adding their own two cents on the subject — now... go be an author. From k10k.
Barnacle Press
A plethora of vintage comics from the first half of the 20th century. That's a LOT of art! Via Drawn.
NYPL Digital Gallery
The New York Public Library's 275,000 image archive of ephemera and memorabilia. It's now even easier for me to be a shut-in. Via Zeldman.
Designer's Toolbox
Need an envelope size? How about Character codes? A snippet of CSS? Or perhaps the measurements of a CD label? Well, you should probably look here first.
AIGA Design Archives
The AIGA is keeping an archive of all the work they judge annually. A great reference to check out contemporary artwork.
British Library
The British Library takes such notable artistic works as Leonardo Da Vinci's notebook and the Lindisfarne Gospels, couples it with "faux-book" navigation, and tops it off with audio/text commentary. God, I hope this never goes offline.
Encyclopaedia of Typography and Electronic Communication
Although garnering typographical advice from a site with poor typography is a pretty bad idea, these are just definitions, after all. There's some awfully interesting tidbits of information here.
Russian Avant-Garde Book
An all-encompassing presentation. Details the history of the Russian Avant-Garde, in three major periods, with well-displayed samples of work.
The Bauhaus Museum
Everything you need to know about the Bauhaus. Art, Architecture, and Maholy-Nagy...

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