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Origami Masks
Made from — wait for it — toilet paper rolls. Awesome.
Spooky Monkeys
The 2011 Spooky Sock Monkeys have arisen! And their lateness only makes them that much more EVIL!
The Dark Art Of Pricing
Jessica Hische gives some fantastic guidance for pricing. An excellent read for any freelancer!
The Motoring Art of Stefan Marjoram
I love these! Which is really saying something, because I hate cars.
Five and Ten
Stan celebrates his ten-year website anniversary with the fifth incarnation of his site!
Mosquito Sound
I guess the benefit of getting older is there's one less annoying sound I can hear.
Dan Mall
The talented and tenacious Dan Mall redesigns, and it looks great!
Two Cent Comics
One of my former illustration teachers has been posting the work of some of his students-made-good on his site. Take a gander at his legacy, and his comics!
Sixteen raw sausages in a wooden bowl
This is just... funny. It just IS.
45 Well-Designed Book Covers
Great reference for... well... me. I hate designing book covers.
Rugs Redux
Finally! A Bear Skin Rug that is environmentally responsible, but still cruel! Thanks to Matt for the link.
Spaghetti Fork
This will go great with that spoon that only scoops up marshmallows when you eat Lucky Charms.
Ara Pehlivanian has been writing several short stories for the past couple months, and I finally got a chance to add my contribution...
The Penitent Peddler
I have created a font pairing. Perhaps you will too?
Mattias Adolfsson
If only I could sum up in one sentence how much joy every single one of these drawings brings me. But I can't. They're just too good. Too damn good. Also, can't believe I never posted a link to Mattias's work before.

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