Falling within the Category of Flash

It's All Relative
A short animation written by myself, and animated by Sutter.
Henry Needle & Sons
Finally — a solution for carrying my keys, phone, wallet, mojo, thermos, and change of clothes without a cumbersome bag!
Smarter Current States
Dan's 4th installment on better Flashing. I'm speaking of the program Flash, of course. Though I have been looking to improve my trenchcoat-opening technique.
Flowers Feed The Soul
I'll tell you what else they feed: me. With amazement. At this site's design and animation.
Kindness and Humility
The simple functionality of Chris Erickson's portfolio site is just... beautiful.
String Spin
This might be one of the best time-killers I've ever seen. Here's a more advanced one, but it's not as effective for the near-comatose, insomnia-related state I occasionally reach.
I didn't know infants in arms until
The Summer 2006 Issue of Born Magazine is released, including a excellently-executed contribution by the bewitching Mr. Weychert. Feel free to visit his own write-up, to get some insight as to his choices, and add your thoughts.
The Sensitive Issue of Bodygrooming
Excellent handling of a delicate subject! Let's hope the razor handles... other... delicate subjects with equal excellence.
Let a monkey deliver your important news! Type a message for him to speak, or record your own.
A fun, fun way to kill time in these remaining work days of 2005. Don't forget to play the 2nd one, also...
Ryan Terry's online portfolio — well-drawn, well-animated, and... well... fun!
The Favorite Website Awards redesigns, with oh-so-spectacular results! I even made a contribution to the festivities!
Wake Up Calls
I hadn't been to orisinal in a while, so I went this morning. I think I enjoyed this game the most...
Drömkök Åt Alla
Remember that scene in Fight Club, when Edward Norton's living room fills with mail-order furniture? Remember it?
There's no other way to describe it... this site is just fucking sweet. Thanks to Dave for the link.
Enjoy Greener Grass
Some excellent flash animation - I'm always a big fan of using paper on the web!
An agency site with the fun, little flash details that make you want to eat the page.
A photoblog with quite a unique way to present content.
Well, you can click this link — but don't click anything else!
Create and save your own quick flipbook-style animation.
Visit today. There are many wonderous scenes to fly through...
Snickers Satisfies
This is a clever premise for a site. Every day there's a new "satisfying" little flash game. I really do wanna go back every day... and I'm a LAZY web surfer.
Conclave Obscurum
One of the first flash sites that took my breath away redesigns. It still has the jittery creepiness I loved, and a few more neat new visuals.
Hold the Onions
An inkfinger cartoon come to life, executed by Ian Corey.
Ultra 16
Great agency site, fully done in flash. Tight motion, great colors, and some impressive projects.
Ars Thanea
A lovely agency site with a clever intro and excellent work.
The corpse is finished at Quadruped! Feel free to check it out...
Carl De Kyzer
Excellent photos, and an excellent presentation.
British Library
The British Library takes such notable artistic works as Leonardo Da Vinci's notebook and the Lindisfarne Gospels, couples it with "faux-book" navigation, and tops it off with audio/text commentary. God, I hope this never goes offline.
An excellent body of charicature art and illustration, in the faux-book navigation format.
An extremely "user-centric" approach to navigation. The site wants to know what you want, and wants to get you there. A simple idea, but rarely seen.
Russian Avant-Garde Book
An all-encompassing presentation. Details the history of the Russian Avant-Garde, in three major periods, with well-displayed samples of work.
Rigsby Design
A great way to display work, stretching flash across the entire browser window to make sure your navigation is always in the corners.
One of the best "informational graphics" sites I've ever seen. Just a flawless use of flash, combined with interesting and well-informed content.

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