Falling within the Month of May, 2008

Victorian Pharma Envelopes
I wish the advertising I got from modern pharma companies was this regal. A few comment spams from these guys would class any article right up!
Food Sculptures
All of these are quite impressive, though I wouldn't necessarily call all of them delicious.
Doodle Collage
Submit a doodle request, and these three talented fellows will draw it. Or, on a rare occasion, I will be able to.
Fray Drive
Fray is currently having a subscription drive for issue two. If you have the kind of eyeballs that like to read or look at art, Fray might just be for you!
Words Are Pictures
The impressive typographical illustration of Craig Ward.
US Personality Maps
According to the article, I'm perfectly located to be paranoid about my start-up company. Via Metafilter.

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