Falling within the Month of December, 2006

Anatomy Reference Online
"Your one stop source for human anatomy references for 3D and traditional artists." Man... I need a site like this for cars. I suck at cars.
Mojo Diorama
A real-life interpretation of the comic Mojo; which was of course, a comic interpretation of the original Mojo. Thanks to Scott for sharing a shot of his excellent Christmas gift... which he for some reason got 4 days before Christmas.
Temple of the Seven Golden Camels
Mark Kennedy writes about storyboarding, animation and drawing. Absolutely stuffed full of good advice. From SvN.
AIGA Wrapping Paper
Get yourself some of Stan's classy wrapping paper! Then bake some pizzelles. Then, send me some.
Eh eh eh ehh
Eh eh, Eh eh eh he. Ehhh eh. Eh EHEH Eheh...
Guest Editing
I am currently guest editing over at Coudal. Mojo will be holding down the fort here while I'm gone.

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