Falling within the Month of August, 2004

Kinsey Visual
The artwork of Dave Kinsey. Make sure you check out the painting section; I bet he's been banned from library after library...
Little Cartoons
That's what I said. Little cartoons.
Devon Bowman
Painterly illustrations that smack of byzantine art. Put on your clicking fingers!
The Boy Fitz Hammond
Wonderful style; lots of images to check out, too. I'm pretty keen on the Gallery Au Crayon...
Ultra 16
Great agency site, fully done in flash. Tight motion, great colors, and some impressive projects.
Bosch Universe
The work of Hieronymus Bosch, the Renaissance painter specializing in the bizarre. (warning: this site won't work properly in Firefox)
Strong Language
Take that, corporate jargon! Nobody likes you!
Haven't seen a nice simple flash site like this in a while. It's a small scale presentation, but well-done.

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