Falling within the Month of July, 2004

The Daily Photo Project
This guy has taken a picture of himself every day for about 5 years now. My, how fashion has changed!
Okay okay - let's all calm down, and we'll settle our differences over a game of mini-golf.
Justin DeGarmo
Wonderful illustrations and paintings; especially the faces - I love em!
It's shocking how (a) addictive this game got for me, and (b) how bad I am at it.
White Ninja Comics
Let me start you off; take a look at this little gem here, and another beaut' right here.
D'Art Design
A well-done site. Flat color with a unique palette, and intriguing navigation make this worth checking out - even if you don't understand German. Which I don't.
Fantastic doodling and sketching - and just pen on paper. I love the way the faces are stitched together by seemingly random twists and turns.

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