Falling within the Month of June, 2004

Arial vs. Helvetica
Take the test: can you spot the difference between Arial and Helvetica?
What's that Stuff?
Wondering what Cheez Whiz is made out of? Thinking about going into the Artificial Snow business? Make sure you check this place out beforehand...
Kevin Hulsey
A wonderful step-by-step look at the method used to create an amazingly detailed illustration of a ship.
Digitally Branded
The portfolio site of Kent Hertzog. A clever way of presenting his work, downloadable photoshop brushes, and fonts.
Dead Man Eating
A bizarre concept for a blog - posting about inmates sentenced to death, and their last meal. It even has audio posts!
Ars Thanea
A lovely agency site with a clever intro and excellent work.
The corpse is finished at Quadruped! Feel free to check it out...

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