Important Details

dimensions: 11" x 17"

media: Graphite / Digital

About Beware Of Potholes

This is a detail from the children's book MUSTACHE!, by Mac Barnett. If you're hankering for a look at the full spread, well, just take a look here! And make sure to check out the copy. I did the calligraphy myself, though when the book was printed we went with something more readable. But I was so proud of it, I used it in these portfolio spreads.

For some more information on MUSTACHE!, give the launch article a read! Or you could write one of your own and just read that. Maybe throw in a few paragraphs about me having to track down a lion that stole the printing plates. Oh! And give me a love interest — every story needs a little romance. I'll need a sidekick as well. Maybe some kind of outer space squid? Whew! This is really coming together!

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