Important Details

dimensions: 16.5" x 5"

media: Pen & Ink

paper: Moleskine Watercolor Sketchbook

XVI isn't a word... learn to spell!

I'm not trying to make a word, silly! Those are Roman Numerals! That means this is the fifteenth version of The Bather, a drawing I've included in every sketchbook except the first. What's that you say? XVI doesn't add up to fifteen in Roman Numerals? Well... you're right. But it's in my sixteenth sketchbook, and it's just easier to name them this way. I didn't have "The Bather" in my first sketchbook, so I'm one version behind.

So... what's the deal with this?

Well, way back when I was on Sketchbook 2, I was walking out of the bathroom at work, and I passed by the desk of my creative director, Steve. I spouted off a few choice words about my feelings on going to the bathroom, and they sounded awfully catchy; so I went back to my desk and quickly jotted them down, along with a picture of a man in a tub.

I've included a different version of this drawing — interpreted in different ways — in every sketchbook since then. It's a constant reminder that being clean doesn't necessarily make you more endearing or attractive. Not a very applicable life-lesson, but a lesson all the same.

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