Thursday, December 15, 2011

Who Carols

Who Carols

Being Neighborly

Initially when I went to post today, I wrote up a huge article about my new neighbor, whose heart is more like 7 or 8 sizes too small, rather than the standard 3 you find here. But as complaint after complaint began to accrue, I decided against posting that article. Telling his tale was just a little too negative to accompany this light-hearted comic.

Instead, in the spirit of the holidays and goodwill towards men and ho ho ho and jingle bells and all that stuff, I've decided to share the positive things about this neighbor.

So... hmmm.

Well...he travels a lot. That's pretty nice for me and Kim.

Also... uh... as a member of the Animal Kingdom, he expels carbon dioxide when he breaths, which plants need to survive. And we all love plants, right?

That's about all I can say.

I think that went well!

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Greg Newman

My crazy neighbor (male) has a big tramp stamp. Not a manly thing. So we have fun with his poor choice of ink placement. It also makes for a fun nickname (which we give uniquely to all neighbors), "tramp stamp".


I lament the reappropriation of "Tramp Stamp" in modern language. I used to look for a the Tramp Stamp on every can of vittles I bought. It guaranteed that the muskrat was alive when they found it.


Send Mojo over to "help" him with stuff.


Yes... yes... perhaps he needs Mojo to help him "cook" a "goose" with "dressing" and "gravy"...

Actually... that sounds pretty tasty. Maybe I should have him cook me one too!


I'm glad the 'Who paperboy' still manages to get to Jim's cave despite all the snow and humbuggery.


Well, that thing is PACKED with coupons. Whoville's economy relies on a lot of suburban traffic.


That's a pretty damning indictment of suburbia. Cookie cutter caves, marketed for their convenient commute location and model names derived from towns in Tuscany. "Just like old f-ing Bergamo eh Jim?"


Well, they're not necessarily cookie cutter. Jim's cave has 234 stalactites, whereas The Grinch's has 242.

Your Brother

Great just great.

Glindon Marten

You should take up the Timpani, neighbor's LOOOVE the Timpani.


Good call, Glindon! And if they love 1... they'll go bananas for 7!


My gosh I haven't commented for ages. But today I felt compelled. This is just too good to pass over! Merry Christmas Mr Cornell!


And fine Christmas wishes to you, Opspraak!


LOL. that's awesome.

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