Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mojo and the Leaves

Mojo and the Leaves

The Anthropomorphic Monkey

Autumn is a unique time of year. For centuries, at least in the northern hemisphere, it was defined by the extremes of labor. Man would frenetically work from sun-up to sundown to harvest his ripened crops, and then, having finished, would nosedive into the ennui of long nights and inhospitable weather. Knowing that, it's quite fitting that Mojo would work so ridiculously hard, to avoid doing such simple work. He is Autumn personified.

Also, he's Hit-And-Run driving personified, Ruined Upholstery personified, and Maliciously-Itchy-But God-Help-You-If-You-Scratch-It-Poison-Ivy personified.

A Reminderization

I want to give one last nudge to anyone looking to purchase Six-Penny Anthems II (or any other Lulu books for that matter). Lulu has posted its shipping deadlines for the holidays. So if you're looking to have the book under the tree before the 24th, the latest you can order is Wednesday, December 7 (unless you want to pay for more expensive shipping options). I will however, leave the holiday discount in place through December, for any merry old souls out there who are planning on taking advantage of it.

Also, next Tuesday I have a dentist appointment, so I'll be whacked out on mepivacaine if anyone wants to take advantage of me. Not in a sexual way, I mean. I just lose all inhibitions about signing my name to things. Like documents where I agree to have sex for a specified number of balloons.

That was a craaaaaaaazy good boat show. Am I right?

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Glindon Marten

I envy your upcoming Thanksgiving week of pain-killer induced delirium! As a side note, check out this awesome artwork created using your font masterpiece Phaeton: http://ilovetypography.com/2011/09/18/gay-type/


Yeah - that is pretty sweet!

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