Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Symbol For Jerk

The Symbol For Jerk

Doing The Math

These past couple weeks I've been packing for a move, an especially daunting process thanks to several factors. First, we're moving from a house to an apartment, so we can only bring about 1/3 of our material goods with us. Second, we needed to decide what portion of our material goods are absolutely essential for the next year, versus the portion that can go into storage. Third, this isn't just my house — it's also my office. So I've had a complete work stoppage. Fourth, after living and working here for eight years, we've accumulated A LOT of junk, and it's not all going to fit in aforementioned apartment, or aforementioned storage unit. So now we have to figure out what can be discarded, or given to charity. Fifth, Ernie decided that with all this house selling and packing and moving, he wasn't getting enough attention. So he herniated his back again. And then, later, when he still wasn't getting enough attention, he made his lymph nodes swell up to golf ball size.

With any luck, things will calm down in about a month or so. But in the meantime, I figured I better post one last comic before I packed away my drawing implements and computer. Also in the meantime, if you need to get in touch with me, I'd suggest constructing some kind of giant spotlight you can shine in the clouds, that projects a symbol specific to me. I've taken the liberty of putting together two suggestions:

The Kev Symbol The Kev Symbol

I've also put together suggestions for particular individuals who contact me with great frequency. This one is probably most appropriate for my mom:

The Kev Symbol

Here's one for my dentist:

The Kev Symbol

And since I won't be checking my mail too much, I'll need to get this one 10-12 times a day:

The Kev Symbol

So there you are! Any of these should get my attention. Just shine whichever one seems appropriate, and I'll come a'runnin. At least between 6 and 9pm. Anything earlier probably won't be visible, and anything later and I'll be asleep.

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Sancho Panza

Hello Mister Bearskinrug,

I love taking a good look at your pictures. Stupid I can't read. But you still make me laugh, so your drawings are good.

Sincerely Yours
Sancho Panza


Thanks, Sancho! And most of what I write about anyways isn't that relevant. Except for my erotic tales of adventure on the high seas.

Josh Crain

High seas? Tell me more!


How many times a day should I shine the v1agra one?

Best of luck with the move. Been there a few months ago, but the other way around: from an apartment to a house. Still wonder to this day how on earth did we fit so much junk in a one bedroom apartment.

Oh, one more thing: you and Ernie should watch each other's back, ok? :)


I love teh geek math humour.


PS - I sure could use an EPS or jpg of that symbol.


Josh - "The fo'c'sle was slick with salt spray when Cap'n Hugo spotted the duchess Widehips had come topside to polish the cannons..."

Tudorminator - I know what you mean about fitting junk in one room. My office had twice as much stuff as the other two bedrooms in the house, and they're definitely the same size.

Bananaglyph - Which symbol in particular? The mojo one really comes in handy during salad time.

Cliener von Cleanskin

I hope your computer and drawing tools made the cut for the apartment and aren’t being sent to long term storage or charity otherwise it’s going to be a long year.

Karl Habegger

I guess you don't want me calling you honey and telling you the latest about your 10th grade crush anymore if your mom is picking up the slack.


Batman is going to be soooo confused


Doesn't this taunt at the uncertain boundaries of copyright infringement....uh ohh

Old Greg



Ok, so I'll ask what no one seems to ask. Why are you moving?


Oh - haha - no bad reasons. Just needed to move closer to Kim's work, to cut down on her commute.

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