Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dead Love

Dead Love

A Birthday Street Alternate

I thought today I might share this tragic comic. And by tragic, I refer not only to the tale of forbidden love it tells, but also tragic in that it was to appear on Birthday Street, but was cruelly replaced by another zombie-themed comic at the last minute. But here, I was able to give it the home it was previously denied.

Look how content it is, sitting there, being rendered by a variety of digital media.

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First! Yeah! Whoo-hoo!! Ha ha!! YEAH!

Well, that was fun.

Yeah, dead exes are the worst. When they come crawling back, all zombi-fied, it is so validating, though. As you run screaming into the night, you're totally like, "This so why I dumped your ass!"


Well-observed, Phyllis. And the nice thing about a zombie ex is that you can still hold their hand even when the rest of them is nowhere near it.

Leper exes as well.


True. Icky, but true ....

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