Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Prometheus Steals Fire

Prometheus Steals Fire

Remembering More Classics

Another myth reinterpreted. In this case, the Titan, Prometheus, steals fire from the gods. Also of interest: in retribution of this, Zeus sends the first woman, Pandora, to live with men as punishment. The ancient Greeks pursued three distinct disciplines with zeal: learning, war, and misogyny.

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Is that a sneaky flame he's stealing?


Indeedly doodly!

Or are you referencing something that's going over my head?

Remi Gerard

"Look casual"


Zeusís sending Pandora has been especially challenging for record companies.


Hahah - NICE one, Christian :D

Mountain Gnome

Is that a burning log in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?


I don't think there's any reason that I person can't have a burning log in their pants yet STILL be happy to see someone. And yet, this divide exists. What a cruel world we live in.


In many cases, a burning log in your trousers is every indication that you ARE happy to see someone.


Hm, interesting ... Apparently, mankind possessed the knowledge of fire-proof pants before the knowledge of how to make fire! Well, that's the Titans for you, way ahead of the learning curve!


They're one of the most useful inventions! You can lie your head off!

chicken on the ceiling

Stumpy left arm? Some kind of titan thalydomide?


You know, it is a little wonky. He could probably sue Mt. Olympus Medical Group.


So, now you need to do a followup illustration of a cop pulling him over and asking 'OK buddy, where's the fire?'


Prometheus will never survive in prison. He's too pretty.


You did it! Yay! (I asked for this one in the request list: Frankenstein is also called the Modern Prometheus!) Yay, merry Christmas to me!

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