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The Birth of Venus

The Birth of Venus

Remembering More Classics

Yet another interpretation of a classic greco-roman myth. Though this one technically takes all its cues from art history rather than myth. Also, it could more accurately be titled "Two Hours Before The Birth of Venus".

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I feel stupid for not knowing this myth. Is it okay that I still love this picture?


Haha - well, who knows the full story to most myths anyway? I didn't know whether explaining the myth might kill the joke. So I'll sum up here.

Venus wasn't "born" so much as floated to the shore on a sea shell. That's the simple version.

The more in-depth (and greek) version is, she was created when Cronos tore Uranus's genitals off and threw them into the sea, where they interacted with sea foam to create Venus (or as the greeks call her, Aphrodite). I chose not to draw this one for reasons that should be obvious.

(sea foam is SO hard to draw!)

josh barkey

Thanks for summarizing. I, too, felt stupid, especially since I've studied both art and mythology, and teach art for a living. And thanks for writing the words "Uranus's genitals." You've made my inner middle-schooler happy.

Mountain Gnome

I think that Uranus' genitals would have made a great drawing...


Phooey. It would be a ridiculous drawing! Kevin's anus doesn't HAVE genitals! (does it? I mean... mine doesn't. Damn dude! What kind of man ARE YOU!?)


I'm like any other man. I just have all my parts in the wrong places.


"interacted with"

That's so snarky.


Well... it's not like a hunk of severed genitals has a RANGE of complex activities it can accomplish.

Mountain Gnome

Interacted with I envisioned more like a chemical reaction, rather than other lewd interpretations!
and James:
Your comment brought all sorts of GOATSE images flooding back into my brain! Yuck! :-s


@ Mountain Gnome:
I'm not sure what a goatse is, but from your "yuck" reaction, i think i will leave it that way.

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