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The Trouble With Chickens

The Trouble With Chickens

A Cluck Who's Gone To The Dogs

With the advent of March, the first of the 3 books that have consumed my every waking moment for the past several years has finally appeared on store shelves. The title in question is my inaugural foray into illustrating children's books, a handsome little read called The Trouble With Chickens. I wasn't sure whether to discuss it here, since it is a children's book and I definitely don't want children following a google search back to this completely inappropriate site. But then again, a google search will probably turn up several steamy images of my bronzed doppleganger, so perhaps this is the lesser of two evils.

A spread from The Trouble With Chickens

The book is written by Doreen Cronin, who has put out numerous other successful children's titles. The Trouble with Chickens centers on a former search-and-rescue dog who finds new purpose rescuing several chickens whose heads defy gravity. I really enjoyed drawing these characters, particularly because the antagonist turned out to be a dachshund, so I could easily identify with the main character. After all, I've been mercilessly antagonized by one for about 4 years now.

A spread from The Trouble With Chickens

The book is a chapter book, aimed at children 8-12. If you have yourself some kids and are looking to get a copy, you can find it in your local bookstore, or on the virtual shelves of Amazon, Mssrs. Barnes & Noble, or Dr. Borders. If you're interested in hearing more about the book, but — ironically — hate to read, here's Doreen talking about the book on a morning news show.

Additional Art

I just remembered I have a couple more images in my gallery section, if you're interested in seeing more.

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josh barkey

Having not read the book (yet) I can't say what Ms. Cronin's conclusion might be, but I have to say that the trouble I have with chickens is that they are trying to kill us.

I used to raise chickens, and long suspected their nefarious intentions, but then my muse told me the followingly linked story, and I knew it was true.

Lovely pictures, by the way. And I like your weiner.

Karl Habegger

I wish I had a bronzed doppelganger. Mine is quite pasty.

Cliener von Cleanskin

Good to see the book has Ernie’s approval.


Oh, it doesn't. I had to drug him up good for this photoshoot.

Did you know a dachshund can eat almost 25 quaaludes before throwing up?

josh barkey

By the way, I wouldn't normally refer to your wiener the way I did, but you did just remark on how "completely inappropriate" this site is, and I wanted to fit in.

Besides, I teach at a conservative Christian high school, and one of the older, more respectable teachers here has a sticker on the back of her car that says "I love my wiener," so I figure I have the approval of the church.


I hear ya, Josh. Love is the core tenet of all faiths. The love of double entendre.


Congrats Kevin…another outstanding job by the most talented little bastard in the world! I hope to one day trap you and keep you prisoner. You'll spend you days drawing birds of prey and making me delicious pancakes.

Start practicing!


Looks great, Kevin, I will definitely check it out! Oh, what a ransome note!! I will have to make use of that line in the future, "It behooves you to rendezvous." I think I may get a much better turnout for my dinner parties with a line like that!!

russer butter

I'm not sure about the implications of that first image. Are you now using copies of the book as newspapers for Ernie? But seriously, the book looks great, and I will have to pick up a copy to read.


YOU in c idea i've heard in well... a WHILE! how wonderful, kevin! we'll definitely check it out. :-)

danes and doxies and you. brilliant!


That's strange. I'm sure I commented yesterday... Hmm. (Again)

You drugged Ernie to get him into this shot?

And here I was thinking that Ernie was covering the books so that no one will buy and read about how evil Dachshunds really are.


It's a little bit of both. He's worried that the book will expose his drug habit.


I thought he stopped hiding Schnapple bottles a long time ago?

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