Friday, February 18, 2011

The Bat

The Bat

Space: The Sparkliest Frontier.

This was one of my alternate endings to this week's Birthday Street submission. I was pretty proud of it. Oh, and remember DC Comics... this is satire. Or parody. Whichever one it is that you can't sue.

You can check out the other endings, including the one I chose over this, over on the street.

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Chris Cornell

DC Comics doesn't sue over parodies that is more of a Marvel/Disney thing.


Maybe I'll hold back on posting that comic where Sleeping Beauty OD's on Ambien.


You should also probably stay away from depicting some sort of indiscreet drug-hazed liaison between Snow White and Barbie. Those Mattel lawyers have been known to attack small children with chainsaws. They'll eat you for breakfast.


If I have to be eaten, I'd prefer it to be for breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day.

Hmmm... That would be a good tweet. I'm going to re-use that bad boy.

Chris Cornell

Plus I would be really upset if they sued you. I have spent a lot of money on that company's products.


Wow, I can't tell you how many times that happened to me when I was a kid!


It was worth it. You beat up so many thugs!




although michaels might wanna take a poke at you with a stick. they're not JUST about glitter, you know.

just brilliant, kc. "-)


Awesome!! I love this tiny frame free panels. 2 Thumbs up for Robin. Hope youŽll do some more.


Love all you do!


Amazing as always!


I think you should make a film of it with Christian Bale as Batman and Shia LaBeouf as the Boy Wonder. And Mojo guest starring as The StockMonkey (see, he's this villainous mastermind who manipulates Wall Street with his uncanny Banana Power).

Iam available to help with the pitch.


LOL, in a word: awesome.

DC does seem to better understand the difference between parody and copyright infringement. I haven't heard of them suing anyone over something like this.


Sweet! Now I just have to worry about Batman beating me up, and I'm in the clear!


Love the Bat Chairs in the last scene...thats attention to detail.

The Night!!!!

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