Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The True Spirit of Wallpaper

The True Spirit of Wallpaper

Harketh Yeeth Alleth!

The giving season is upon us, and in that spirit I have created these Mojo and Birthday Street desktops to give unto you, which then you can give unto your computer and or telephone apparatus. Download them, and know me better, man!

The Angel of Birthday Street

Dead Birthday Angel

For those of you unaware of what the hell Birthday Street is, give it a visit, and all questions will be allayed!

Mojo Versus The Bear

Mojo Wrestles A Bear

Select the appropriate size for your desktop! Or select all of them. I can't control you. That is not the way of my people.

Where To See How To

How To Build A Snowman

For anyone who attempted to view How To Build A Snowman in my work section, but found it had disappeared, I bring tidings of great joy. I moved it to YouTube. So if you've got snow, but have no idea what to do with it, that's the perfect place to start. Oh, also, this image is a desktop as well, though an old one.

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hate to be a party-pooper (perhaps a yule-logger this time of year, eh?), but you should make a note that the iPhone size is pre-Retina DisplayŽ sized (i. e. too small to look sharp on iPhone 4)

Happy Festivus!


Hmm - good to know. Although if you had the correct size for me, I'd be more than happy to recreate it! Yule!

David VanDusen

Thank you! I had nearly forgotten how to build a snowman. Crisis averted!


The key is coal. You need plenty of coal to throw a barbecue where you discuss snowman construction theory.


sorry for being tardy, the iPhone 4 dimensions are 640 x 960 px

Good Yule!


iPhone backgrounds are now larger! Thanks Anders!


Happy merry yuleishness to you all and to all a good cheery new year, too! I must add that I did download the four Santas wallpaper earlier in the month, which greatly impressed my kids (the wallpaper, not my ability to download files to my computer), until I replaced it with a yuleified wallpaper of mine own around midmonth. Here's hoping your winter festivities were full of fun and conquered grizzlies and that your new year is likewise. Huzzah!! :-D


I did indeed conquer grizzlies. The twin grizzlies of alcohol poisoning and holiday matricide!

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