Friday, December 10, 2010

The Monkey, The Stick, And The Wardrobe

The Monkey, The Stick, And The Wardrobe

The Line Between Fantasy And Reality Is Approximately Three-Feet Long.

Here's one of those instances where a real-life event inspired a hilarious fictional comic. In real life, I just use a yardstick to jab at stuff I can't reach.

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Mojo has a three-foot poking stick? The Freudian implications are astounding. Are you suggesting that your persistent back pain is psycho-sexual in origin?

This really throws a monkey-wrench in my own therapeutic progress. I wonder what this means for my lumbar issues.



Dammit—Josh made every single psychology joke I was going to make. I guess my therapist can add inferiority complex to the list of things to bill me for.



Josh - I assure you, there's nothing untoward in the way I injure my back. It usually just can't take the strain I put on it from sitting in a tree all night watching my neighbors undress.

Testmonkey - Your therapist bills you on a per-disorder basis? That sounds pretty affordable? How much do they charge for a guy who can't stop sitting in trees watching his neighbors undress?


@BEARSKINRUG: just slightly less that an Oedipal Complex, but more than that one where you keep having dreams that you're naked in front of the class you're teaching at the local community college—you know the one, where you demonstrate the proper technique for paper mache with those little macaroni noodles on the holiday wreath?


Yeah - I have WAY too many of those wreaths now. I should eat a few.


hahah. We need more insight into your private life with Mojo


I kept thinking "he's too slim in that comic, has he exercised to make up for the christmas dinner gorging or is he just exercising his prerogative as a self-drawer?"

--- I meant Mojo* of course. Mojo is too slim in that comic... he's given me reason to think he's a bit larger than that in real life... specially around the waist.

*and when I say Mojo, I don't mean Mojo...


Oh yeah - definitely - frame 2 is completely inaccurate. But in my defense, it was just a random guy until I decided I should enter the comic. But there's a trade-off. My buttocks are way more sculpted than this.

Okay... that's a lie too.


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