Friday, August 13, 2010

The Wild Snarfus

The Wild Snarfus

Yet Another Study

This actually is two requests combined into one. First, Redworm had mentioned how he had always wondered what a wild snarfus would look like. But way back in the first study, Kim had mentioned "Taking the Trash Out" as an idea. Then she got mad at me when I didn't take her seriously. And trust me, you don't want to get your wife AND your art director angry at the same time. So the Wild Snarfus is taking out the trash.

Without a doubt, suggestions are still welcome! Which isn't to say the old ones aren't still valid. I can only just do one at a time, you know.

Additional Note

Interesting sidenote on this... this morning while I was drawing it, I actually forgot to take out the trash and Kim had to do it.

Feel free to come visit me. I'm out back, in the doghouse.

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Nothing to say except for that...

Although oune would have thought that in itself is enough.


Suggestion: can we see a Thirsty Firsty?
(submitted with apologies for waking up on the snarky side of the bed)


How about a walrus that's managed to rise to VP of sales at a Fortune 500 company. Or doing anything at all, for that matter. God I love walruses.

Russer Butter

Well it's good to see "The Wild Snarfus" take out the trash, but now the question begs, does he/she/it recycle? "Man in Suit" seems to be recycling. And what of "The Domesticated Snarfus"? These are the questions to be answered, well these and what does a squirrel look like flying an airplane? Get it? A Flying Squirrel. What, too easy?

honey amplegood

Do you hate pigeons?


I would love to see:

15 foot robot pants!

Old Man Shivets

My brother and I dually propose "A Modern Day Imposter of Benjamin Franklin" for study.


What a fun series you've been assembling here!! And may I add that you are also assembling my never-ending envy that you have the time to put together a series like this! I know freelance is far from a walk amongst the daisies, but trying to find time to do art after a long day of slogging in the salt mines (in between kids and house and miscellaneous chores ... like sleeping) is like searching for intelligent life on Mars. My hat's off to you, sir! Or, it will be once I find it somewhere under the clutter .....


Thanks Phyllis!

I must admit, I am more liable to find the time to put these together, what with my hours being flexible, and the lack of children, but I do have to say what allowed me to put this series together was that several weeks prior I set aside THIS week to finally concentrate on doing something fun for the site.

Not to say that you aren't completely justified when it comes to working on something (I know too many parents with real jobs to not understand your point of view), but I guess the point I'm making is that even for stuff like this... if you don't make time for it, it will never happen.

I just hate to think I'm misleading people into thinking that the only way to do this is to have a COMPLETELY different life...

om nom nom

A study in emotions: The shamrock takes authenticity to court.

honey amplegood

'cause I'd like to see some pigeons.


It is so nice to wake up this morning to see the snarfus I requested on your site. Bravo sir! We could all learn a thing or two from the snarfus...

M Shaffer

I live next door to a Snarfus. Lots of weird stuff goes on over there, I can tell you, and I wouldn't want to look in their trash. One only knows what they eat, but I can tell you they eat fences. I put one up between me and them one time, and all their cousins and brothers and grandmothers came over and ate my fence down! So, I have to live with seeing them. They are, however, afraid of orange stripes, so, I painted one all along where my fence was. They don't go near it! But they don't smell bad, so that's a good thing.


Mojo trying to eat with his first dog cone collar.

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