Monday, August 09, 2010

Man Asleep On Couch

Man Asleep On Couch

A Quick Color Study

Subject matter suggested by MM. Suggestions still welcome.

Additional Note

I have revised the pillows in this study so that they no longer resemble a rubber chicken. But, for the benefit of posterity and those who wish to continue to make fun of me, I am adding a crop of the previous version:

Rubber Chicken Pillow

There. I hope you're all happy.

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Poor man, if only he knew that his "me or the romance novels" ultimatum would result in another night alone on the ironically named "love seat."


You, sir, have hit the nail on the head. Damn my stubborness!


I'll bet there is a warning label on that couch somewhere admonishing the rather apish-looking fellow NOT to do that! If there isn't, there SHOULD BE!


Unfortunately for him, that warning label was on a tag that was illegally removed by a person other than the consumer.


At first thought that was a slaughtered chicken. No wonder he's tired! Or chiffon pillows with tassels.


That's totally what Kim thought!

I need to work on my pillow rendering.


So, what is the matter with a rubber chicken? Must we all take a teddy bear to bed with us?


Chris wreford does sleeping people....on deviant art i think

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