Monday, March 22, 2010

The Relentless Cruelty of Nature

The Relentless Cruelty of Nature

A Bearskinrug One-Off

This is just heartbreaking to see. And right before Mountain Prom, too.

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The Philanthropist

Diabolically happy hand clasping is really my taunting method of choice.


No wringing of hands?

The Philanthropist

Sure, wringing is nice, but nothing displays purely evil joy like the passive act of clasping.

Zaihan K.

Oh gosh, I'm chuckling to myself looking at this, it's too funny!


Is it just me or are those ash-wednesday marks on the mean-mountains foreheads?


Zaihan - Score!

Mary - It could be. One of those mountains got absolutely trashed on Mardi Gras.


Mountains have hands! Who'd'a thought! I've heard of someone being at the foot of one...


All mountains have hands naturally. It's just most of them were exposed to thalidomide during development.

Nothing more classy than a birth defect joke. Yup, really sophisticated there, Kev.

Russer Butter

All those other mountains are laughing now, but just wait till they get covered in a shower of burning hot magma.


Looks like Mt. St. Helens circa 1980, although I think she was probably more peeved than scurred.


Well, being a saint is TOUGH work!


He's gonna have to spend hundreds on geopsychiatrist visits, poor thing.

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