Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Christmasgram, Part II.

Christmasgram, Part II.

An Ambidextrous Comic

If you missed the first part of this harrowing tale, be sure to check it out here. By the way, this is the first time I ever looked up the word "harrowing". It's not very positive. Nevertheless, I think it accurately describes the delivery of a Christmasgram. Especially now in the New Year, when Christmas has fully departed our hearts and depleted our wallets.

The Superest Book

The Superest Book

Those of you without depleted wallets and in need of some non-holiday cheer might wish to run out to your closest bookstore and pick up The Superest Book. I mean that literally. Don't walk. Run. Don't even bother with a car. It will just slow you down at the lights. In fact, how about Sutter and I sponsor a 15k race, the winner of which will get their very own copy? That's a $12.00 value! Even less with a sale or membership discount! Is that not worth five to six months of intense cardiovascular training? Didn't the doctor say you needed more exercise and Lipitor? Lipitor sounds like he could be a hero in our book, right?

Sign-ups will be in the comments. Amateurs only. And write down how much water you think you'll drink, so we can buy an appropriate amount of dixie cups.

Editor's Note Added At A Later Date

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Jonathan Wagener

A race sounds like fun. I'm in. I rather like impersonal christmas cards, they dont tear your eardrums apart.

hmm ... how much water, i dont know 5 cups.


5 cups? What are you, a camel? No camels!


Water is good; I once ran a triathlon where the race organizers proffered some Gatorade-like substance in lieu of H20. I nearly shat myself, and I spent the duration of the run doing this half-run, half-clench maneuver.

Stick with wateróalways stick with the water.

That said, 2 cups, please: one to swish and spit, one to pour on my head.


Maybe it was actual Gator juice. Nothing clears a bowel like fresh-squeezed gator.

Jonathan Wagener

hahaha. yeah water is "safe".


15K?? Um, I, uh, think I'm, um, busy that day .... but I'll donate 500 dixie cups! :-D


Oh, and FYI, I believe the politically correct term is not "Leper Colony", it's "Enderimically Challenged Collective". And they *really* enjoyed their field trip to the YMCA pool!

Cliener von Cleanskin

For me, 15k translates to run, walk, run and collapse so I’d need some serious pep in the cups to make the distance. Even better, I propose beer instead of water and served at a local pub rather than in a 15k race.


so... why's there no one here at the finish line? was I THAT fast?
well, let's not beat around the bush. hand out the goods, fellas. i want my $10.95 with membership discount value!


Phyllis - I don't need to be politically correct around lepers. Not as long as I have this disfiguring gonorrhea.

Cliener - That sounds good. Can we still wear headbands? I bought like 5.

James - You ran so fast you went backward in time!


TMI, Kev ...

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