Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Mojo And The Snowman

Mojo And The Snowman

Winter Wonderland Wonderings

Of all scenes in which to set a comic, I take the most pleasure in a snow scene. There's this built-in feeling of comfort, warmth, and fun imbued in the visual of an unbroken blanket of snow, at least for those of us who've never served with Napoleon. Remove the snow from this comic and what do you have? Lewis building Mount Monkeymore out of grass clippings? Mojo trying to bring his mud man alive with a sun bonnet? Believe you me, the only thing a sun bonnet brings to life is the desire to make fun of the guy wearing it. Even if he looks really good in it. With his magnificent beard... walking his wiener dog in the park...

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Is this a modern-day rendition of Raymond Briggs' "The Snowman"?


It could be! I'm not above lying to look smarter!


And here I thought it was a cartoon poking a satirical finger in the belly button of Seychelles politics.


It could be! I'm not above lying to look smarter!


Here I was, feeling all bad for Lewis (again!), when I happen to scroll down…

Now I just feel bad for making fun of you last week as you walked your wiener dog.


Cliener von Cleanskin

Is this a modern-day rendition of Howard Hawks’ “The Thing From Another World”? Or a modern-day rendition of John Carpenter’s “The Thing”?

I know! It’s clearly an update to the classic “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians”!


Frosty gets his Mojo on. Cool! I can't wait to see the Christmas special in which Rudolph buys a VW microbus and gets groovy.

Russer butter

Ah, the memories of making snow monsters... I mean angels. Yes, that's what they were, angels.

So Kev, assuming that you are not above lying to look smarter, were you really wearing a sun bonnet in the park, or was Ernie running around with it in his mouth, laughing at you as you got sunburned?


I love the frame where Mojo dancing with glee as his monster destroys


Testmonkey - That was you? I didn't realize you owned a Ferrari!

Cliener - All three at once. *kevin basks in his veil of smartness*.

Phyllis - I'm guessing "groovy" means something other than drive the bus. Since he's a flying reindeer and all. And he's got a psychedelic nose.

Russer - Ernie doesn't laugh! He cackles.

Sutter - It's like some sort of chicken dance...

Glindon Marten

Have you seen the show "Bored to Death"? For some reason I picture you looking and acting like Zach Galifianakis' character in that show. His character is a cartoon artist, with a magnificent beard! Not sure about the wiener dog... You may have the upper hand on him there.


Hmm - he looks familiar to me - I must have seen him somewhere. It looks like he has me beat in length, but I'll tell you... I'm getting there!


I am of course, speaking of BEARD-length. I shall not say more.


This was better than watching the old Frosty the Snowman on tv. Holiday violence, bring it on suckas!


"Holiday violence, bring it on suckas!"
Yeah, life in Santa's hood is rough, man. Frosty is one cold brother, Rudolph specializes in drive-bys and Santa's been building a rep for breaking and entering. You don't even wanna know what those elves are up to these days ....

Jonathan Wagener

Its just like SkiFree :)

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