Thursday, August 13, 2009

MoZap!Jo And The Janitor

MoZap!Jo And The Janitor

All Cleaning All The Time

Now, I know what you're thinking. My last post was about vacuum robots... what's going on? Is it just going to be cleaning jokes all the time from now on?

And the answer is... yes.

I recently sold the entire Bearskinrug Intellectual property to a prominent household cleaner manufacturer. All of us here are extremely excited about the prospect.


For years, we here at Bearskinrug have been just chomping at the bit to get a little corporate sponsorship, to help foot the bills.


And now, finally, we can deliver top quality Bearskinrug content on a thrice-daily basis, and all it cost was the occasional advertising message, subtly tucked into articles, rss feeds, merchandise, the logo, and my DNA.


I hope you enjoy the upcoming changes on BearZap!Rug, and we look forward to helping you meet both your humor and mildew removal needs!

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selling out isn't all bad.... wait, nm


Oh, this isn't selling out. As the ZAP! marketing team explains it, I'm in the perfect position to reach their target demographic, 18-60 year old men AND women with concerns about proper rug care. I'm sort of like... a hero for these people. Like the Spartacus of floor coverings.


I'm looking at the Zap ad with Mojo and I'm hearing Barry White. I think I might be having a stroke...or getting turned on. Either way I'm scared..and strangley excited.


Wow... I'm glad I didn't use the blinking banner... either way it sounds like undesirable results for the workplace.



Cliener von Zapskin

I recently replaced all the carpet in my house with wooden flooring but ZAP!’s strong-arm entirely legal marketing techniques have convinced me to put the carpet back!

Cliener von Zapskin

Hmm... ZAP! is so effective it seems to have killed the cleverly placed <del> and <ins> tags from my comment. You’ll just have to assume that my previous comment is much funnier than it actually is.


Oh ZAP!, Wow! This ZAP! kind of ZAP! ad placement ZAP! is like ZAP! a literary ZAP! tic. ZAP! ZAP! ZAP!

BTW, how do the neighbors know how devastatingly white my tub grout is?? Creepy.


I love how this site looks, I don't actually know what I'm commenting on, but I love the way the comment preview script works!

Brent O'Connor

I must say, I'm a little disappointed. I was hoping when I came to your site that I would see something similar to what did with Cheer.


Cliener - Yeah... ZAP! also strips out any sort of disparaging remarks about ZAP!. My article used to be MUCH longer and more angry.

Phyllis - You don't invite your neighbors over for baths? How do you expect to gain enough trust to borrow their sugar?

Jesse - Thanks! Though... I didn't code it. You can thank ol' Inman for that.

Brent - I had suggested a similar treatment, but ZAP! declined. They thought it wasn't intrusive enough.

glindon marten

Love your carpet? Naaaasssstttyyy!!!

jeanes does not exist.
I feel like I've been cheated.


Glindon - Well... Mojo's been loving carpets without corporate sponsorship for years. At least now I'll have enough money to replace them.

Jeanes - YOU feel cheated... I'm the one who invested $200,000 in it!


As a marketing professional, I'm curious about doing some co-branding efforts with some of my clients - especially the oh-so-graphically understanding and savvy mobile market crowd. It's a tough nut to crack - but with ZAP I think we can do it.

Now, I'll just get our co-brand Twitter feed up and running, throw in a few Yelp reviews and we'll be off!


Oh dear I laughed, and laughed again... and then some! While we're on a shameless sellout trend here, have a gander at - trust me, you will not be disappointed.

russer butter

Wait a minute, all Zap! jokes aside, is Mojo climbing out of the mop bucket, or climbing in? I would assume climbing in to clean off, thus making the water dirtier, but it is hard to tell from this angle.

That angle being on the floor getting a close look at my new Zap! cleaned carpet.


Um, wow, Mojo reminds me of this guy we've got in South Florida named Don Bailey. Frankly, I prefer Mojo.


Me, I love my carpet like I love my cat: mutual indifference and occasional attention. And, no, Kevin, my neighbors and I don't normally visit to use each other's bathtubs! We settle for polite conversation, some harmless spying and wholesome gossip. Good, old fashioned home town America!


BTW - Potato Festivals are normally a let-down, in my experience. Potatopalooza, on the other hand, rocks holy freaking french fries, man! Wooooooooooooo!!

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