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Mojo And The Proposal

Mojo And The Proposal

Picnic, Thou Art Easily Crashed

If you were to create a list of things Mojo has ruined, I think you'd find a lot of picnics on there. The picnic is an inherently fragile endeavor, being easily ruined by so many disaster scenarios. Rainclouds. Dust Storms. Fire Ants. Ice Ants. Quicksand. Mayonnaise spoilage. And natural predators. Of both man and sandwich. Mojo being the latter, unless a man just happens to dress up as a sandwich and dance around in front of him a little.

Heed my words: Mojo has to work a lot harder to ruin your picnic if you're eating indoors. You might even get two or three hours of pleasant conversation before he finds a way in. Or if you just have to be outside, at least get behind a fence or a tent or in a locked car. Either way, it's only a matter of time. We're talking about someone who managed to find his way inside a fully-deployed space shuttle.

But, I suppose my warning wouldn't have helped this couple anyway. If there's one thing Mojo can spoil faster than a picnic, it's a romantic moment. I can't tell you how many empty boxes of chocolate I've accidentally given Kim. Oh wait, I can. Two. And one empty box of freeze-dried Neapolitan ice cream. Though Mojo was the one who stole that for me in the first place.

Shirt Stake

Made Natural Shirt Graphic

While we're on the subject of nature, clouds, and orbiting high above the globe, if you're interested in someday wearing the above bio-spherrific design on your chest, feel free to read further in my portfolio section. Or you could go straight to the horse's mouth. Either way you'll have to be one of those nerdy internet types who click on things to go look at other things. What a nerd you are.

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Steve K

Mojo was so clearly taken aback by the proposal that he needed an extra frame to take it all in, bless.


He had to weigh his sexual orientation versus keeping the sandwich.

William Stewart

I can't tell you how many times I've been in Mojo's place and thought someone was proposing to me. It's so embarrassing.

Captain Purple

Of all the marriage proposal that Mojo has ruined, he has to go and leave mine alone :(


William - You just need to quit that job at the graveyard. "Marry Me" and "Bury Me" sound soooo similar.

Captain - Well, he can't be everywhere all the time. He's not Santa Claus. At least not according to his driver's license.


I hear the US Military was trying to weaponize such a sandwich some years back.


Ohh.... is that that Peanut Butter and Grenade sandwich I keep hearing about?


I totally see why Mojo misunderstood, who wouldn't want to marry a man with a moustache bearing sandwiches.


philip's got a pornstar 'tash! no wonder mojo misunderstood!

Cliener von Cleanskin

My preferred Mojo-avoiding technique is to deploy a series of decoy picnics around the target locale. After the fourth exploding sandwich Mojo’s usually quite upset but the extra 15 minutes of serenity is worth it.


Alison / ItSmellsInHere - Sounds like you guys both might be members of the same Mustache Appreciation chapter!

Cliener - That's sound advice. You'll make quite a pope someday.


The Lady is relatively calm throughout all this. Bonus points to her. :)


I suspect she's had a few picnics ruined by Mojo already. This is old hat.

russer butter

A few picnics, or a few marriage proposals?

And I love the shirt design, but I do have to question the option to get a bamboo shirt. Yes bamboo is a renewable resource, but the process by which it is made into fiber that can be used to make clothing is very bad for the environment.

Jonathan Wagener

Lol, Mojo pops up in the weirdest places, I must remember about the decoys next time I have a picnic.


Freeze-dried Neopolitan ice cream? Wouldn't that give the ice cream the consistency of, say, a frozen brick? I've lost too many spoons to ice cream like that .... *sniff*

Andy K. Cheng

Please make the t-shirt. Love it!


Mojo ruining the proposal: I'd so buy that on a t-shirt!


Very interesting


Philip doesn't seem particularly surprised to see a sock monkey show up and eat his sandwiches. Like it's happened before...


Living in Texas, I'm familiar with the fire ants, but ice ants = WHITE HOT FEAR!


Living in Texas, I'm familiar with the fire ants, but ice ants = WHITE HOT FEAR!


If mojo follows you around, Kevin, Does that mean you're always a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

And also, while I can envision fire, ice, water and dirt ants, I can't for the life of me imagine wind ants. I keep thinking they'd need contraptions. yes, that's the ticket... contraptions!


Oh, I've seen wind ants, alright! They're freakishly large and they fly and they scare the holy bejeebies outta me! I'd take ice ants any day over wind ants ... at least a swarm of them help provide a little natural air conditioning.


...and nothing keeps your drink cooler in the summertime than a refreshing handful of ice ants.


Maybe that's what wind is - just bazillions of tiny little molecular-sized wind ants having a kerfluffle.

Maybe everything is made of ants - the irreducible sub-atomic matter of the universe!

That explains a lot.


So you're saying... you can never have a picnic without ants? So sad...


But, if ants are the sub-atomic matter of the universe, that would mean that everything is made of ANTi-matter, right?


You should put one of those share buttons so I can share your blog on my social media sites with a simple click. I love your comics, especially ones with monkeys!


Thanks Jenny! Yeah, I know that sort of thing makes it easier, but I'm always hesitant to add features to the site, and I'm actually always looking to edit things away!

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