Thursday, February 26, 2009

Doctor Mojo

Doctor Mojo

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[ Paragraph One: The Author is still getting his ass kicked by his herniated disc, and would rather not spend time writing.]

[Paragraph Two: Right now, the Author wouldn't mind being the protagonist of the above comic, and having absorbent stuffing instead of a spine.]

[Paragraph Three: In the above comic, I suppose the antagonist is the sandwich. Which the Author also wouldn't mind having.]

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William Stewart

So what did he spread on the paddles? Mayo?

russer butter

That was great Kev, absolutely great.

I will definitely have to remember that technique the next time I need something toasted.

Sorry about your back still giving you trouble, but I think in your case electroshock therapy really isn't going to help you that much.

Will Fuller

A libreal coating of butter on the paddles would probably do the trick; grilled cheese? mmm


[Comment: Commenter tries to write something clever and/or funny about how he hopes The Author a) gets to feeling better, and b) gets a good sandwich today.]


Search for a physical therapist or chiropractor who can teach you McKenzie extension exercises. Thos exercises work incredibly good (if the herniated disc isn't to bad).
Thanks for Mojo. I like him.


I see that Mojo prefers the Heart Party 5000 - wise. The 4000B was substantially inferior and frequently caused melted cheese to squirt back into the face of the operator.

Cliener von Cleanskin

It will only take a slight rebranding of the Heart Party 5000 (Toast Party 5000?) and Mojo will corner the toasted cheese sandwich market.


Perhaps the author should apply the Heart Party 5000 to his herniated disc to show it who's boss - or is this how the author got into trouble in the first place....


That is the BEST way to make toast i have ever seen! Go Mojo! what a creative mind you have!

Captain Purple

I hope you feel better soon. I've managed to mess my back up on occasion and I know what you're going through. I found randomly shouting expletives doesn't cure anything, but does break up the monotony of the pain.

But then again, I highly recommend randomly shouting expletives for any reason that you can think of. Hmm, that kind of explains that petition the neighbors dropped off the other day.


get better soon.


I share the Author's sentiments - having stuffing in place of a back would be rather useful at times. I can imagine the old west being entirely different ....
"What are you, a spineless yellow-bellied tenderfoot?"
"Why, yes, as a matter of fact, Iam. Although you may notice that my belly is actually a pleasant shade of butterscotch ... "
Gives a more literal meaning to the phrase "knocking the stuffing out".
I wish the Author luck with his rebellious disc and in his quest for an expertly toasted sandwhich.

Jonathan Wagener

very good cartoon - i love it. Hope you get better soon, backs have a habit of being bloody sore when they are out of sorts :)


Clearly this injury isn't to your funnybone.


That's the way toast should be made! Hope your back gets better soon good sir!

Zaidimu Kodai

Best Toast , lol, you are really a creative man,

jess v

This makes me want to cook something with electricty.


I'm gonna get out the ol' iron and make me some pancakes.


It's like 3am and I'm in a hotel in Budapest. I'm really really bored and waiting for my flight back to the states. That said, I just wanted to say hello and to tell you I picked up Ben. Button at the NYC Comic-Con last month; I plan to read it on the plane. What would Mojo do if he was stuck on a plane? Actually, that has a great ring to it..."what would Mojo do?" -later, G.


Hey - I hear ya. It's 3 am here in Philadelphia, and I'm just wandering around waiting for my back to un-kink. :D

My best guess is that Mojo would attempt to pilot the plane. Or hi-jack the drink cart. In either case, he's not leaving that plane without being handcuffed and charge with a federal offense.

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