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Salvaging Scrap

Working on The Superest book these past few weeks, I've produced quite a lot of scrap paper. I doodled this little sequence on two pieces trimmed away from a watercolor. It depicts a scene from my favorite fable, "The Tortoise and the Hare". This is after the race, when all the Tortoise fans riot, and attempt to loot the homes of the more upper-class giants.

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That reminds me: must stock up on 'Peasants-Begone'.


You might want to pull up any sprouts in your front cloud yard as well.

glindon marten

This guy has the wrong idea, I'd set up little traps to capture the little people. Then I'd throw then all in a miniature scale version of the colosseum where they would battle it out gladiator style.


Just because they're Giants doesn't mean they have your thirst for blood, Glindon. You're like the Caligula of the western seaboard.


So is that where clouds come from?


Hmm. Worse than fireants.


Biga, that's where acid rain comes from.. and also a possible explanation to Magnolia..

Kevin, love your comments, sometimes they are even funnier than your drawings

russer butter

I just love that the people below keep climbing up unaware of their impending doom from the cloud of poisons gas above the cloud layer.

What I don't understand is why the upper-class giant is sporting an Amish beard, and wearing such plain clothes.




I always rooted for the looters, but that giant was just too fast, with his big feet and fly swatter!

Damn crafty giant!


The look on his face shows clearly that this is JUST the sort of thing that home-owning giants have to deal with on an every day/week basis in this part of the sky. In fact, he'll likely be quite touchy if being asked to go "clear out the peasant looters again, honey'... so I just wouldn't bring up when you have him over for bridge on Thursday.

You know, I'm just sayin'.

Owen McGauley

I just love the fact that one of the looters decided to bring his cow with him. The 'Unexpected Cow' is probably the least well known chapter from Sun Tzu's Art of War, making it the ultimate surprise/diversion tactic.

Cliener von Cleanskin

Spray’s good for the short term, but I prefer to use Peasant Dust for a long term effect.

Russer: Clearly you're not familiar with upper-class giant fashions. Albrecht is dressed by Armani’s latest line of over-sized casual wear.

Dinosaur Sandwich

Ah, the art of looting is a very difficult task to accomplish with success especially when beans stalks are involved.


Why were the Tortoise fans rioting? I forget that part of the story. Was it from the ruling on the now-illegal use of shell wax?


I say all this cars & carbon footprints are rubbish - Upperclass Gaints and their oversized cans of Doom are responsible for global warming, the hole in the ozone and the war in Iraq...

I think I'm onto something big here...

russer butter

Ah yes, but you see if weren't for the looting peasants the giants would have no reason to pollute the environment, thus at the end of the day the humans are still responsible for speeding up the process of global warming, which is by the way natural.

And if those are the new Armani fashions then I've been ahead of the game for years.

Lynn Seagull

I don't see the big deal here. Clearly the looters are too small to carry off anything larger than a cracker, and if Mr. Giant would just get a Giant Cat, his problems would be solved.

Though then he and the missus might find the Cat leaving them gifts on their pillows.


It's a pity Albrecht isn't a member of the Organic Gardeners Club (also known as OG, who, coincidentally, is also the founding giant ...). OG would suggest more environmentally friendly pest-control methods, such as drizzling vegetable oil down the bean stalk, which would benefit Mother Earth and provide hours of entertainment, too. I think watching the cow slipping and slithering down the stalk would be especially amusing ....

russer butter

In light of recent events I would recommend peanut butter on large snap traps, that way even if the traps didn't get the looter, at least the salmonella would.


:-D hee hee! Peanut Butter poison ... brilliant! I'm sure OG would approve!


Reminds me of the magic bean stalk cartoon.

Jonathan Wagener

HAHA, yah Jack and the Beanstalk comes to mind. Very good.

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