Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dracula Retires

Dracula Retires

Curse of the Sciatic Nerve

This past several days I've had very similar habits to a vampire. Sleeping all day. Up at night. Sporting an ashen, almost chalky complexion. Of course, all these new habits were the result of throwing out my back, rather than mythic immortal androgyny. And while the live-wire buzz of a pinched nerve is no picnic, the real downside has been that it's nearly impossible to draw while I lay on my back. But luckily I'm able to stand again, so I can only assume the rest of my life will soon return to normal — which is good because I can't keep drinking all this blood. It's staining my crowns.

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I feel your pain Kevin. About once every 18 months my sciatic gets pinched in a bad way and it usually leaves me crippled for about a month. I've learned that crackerpractors are not the solution; stretching is. For me, it's the worst pain I've dealt with, all the way down the lower back and legs.

I think this is a product of working in front of a computer all day with not much exercise.

Hope you get better fast Kevin!!


I've been thinking lately of finding a way to do more work standing up. I need one of those desks that quickly convert heights. Or I need retractable shins.

russer butter

Surgery Channel? How long has it been since I've had TV? I guess it really doesn't matter in the long run because in Feb. I'll be pushed one step farther away with this whole digital change over thing.

Anyways Kev, hope your back is doing better, and if you do need some work standing up you can always plan another visit to the farm. I couple days of intensive labor should clear your problems right up and probably put you in the hospital so that Dracula can then watch you on TV.

glindon marten

I hope you got some nice pain killers from your doctor.


In lieu of retractable shins, you might consider digging a hole next to your desk so that you may stand comfortably while working.


Russer - Televised surgery has been around for a while, Russ. I can remember quickly skipping through surgery footage way back in the 90's. Of course nowadays they just insert the surgery into Medical Dramas.

Glindon - Well, when I went to the emergency room they gave me a shot. I still felt pain... but I didn't care because I was too busy riding a magical unicorn across gumdrop rainbow.

Reggebah - Heheh - that had me laughing for a while ;)


I believe the Queen keeps her crowns tucked away in a box the corgi's sleep on. Perhaps you could get Ernie to do the same thereby eliminating those pesky crown stains. Of course then you'd have Ernie stains. Wonder which is easier to get out...well in the name of science you'll have to try it.


I filled out a credit card application in the name of Science, but it got rejected. Will Dr. Science Q. Nolimit ever get his funding?


I have SO much to say... but let's simply start with the fact that I only JUST discovered your site about three weeks ago and (in that time) I've had the most wonderfully distracting and entertaining time, slowly browsing my way through all your drawings and stories and garage-sale-related disasters. It's a tragedy that I've no caught up and will have to wait for new posts like everyone else. Bah... waiting.

So, along those lines I hope you can weave your way through the haze to post more of your amazing mental spew. It's tasty stuff.

However, unlike the supernatural Greg, I cannot feel your pain. I can feel the burn... and I can feel the love tonight. But no pain. Doesn't mean I don't want you feeling better though.

You know, much like Drac, I don't vant to vander the grocery store after I've just eaten... NOTHING looks good.


It occurs to me (to late now) that my previous post either sounds like I've been stalking you or that I don't have a life... or both.


The truth is out.


Little do you know... I'm actually stalking YOU...

By the way, you need to turn up the heat in the house. It's freezing in your attic!


Take it from me, vampirism is not as bad as they make it out to be. Granted, you do put on a few pounds from all the extra calories (blood is so filling ... ) and the black silken cape does tend to frighten small dogs and children, but working at night and sleeping during the day does have its advantages. My work shift covers 9 pm - 6 am and even on my days off, I do artwork at night, while everyone else is too busy sleeping to bother me.

Perhaps your solution to the back problem may lie in a bit of art history. Michaelangelo drew and painted while flat on his back for years, so maybe you could ditch the easel/drawing table and just mount your work on the cieling. Forget scaffolding, this is the 21st century! Just get one of those mobile elevator lifts, some comfy pillows and a snack and you're in business! :-)


Yes, but didn't Michelangelo then die from bat-related trauma?


Did he? Never knew he was into baseball .... *cough*

I had thought that a cloud of mystery surrounded his death. Suspicions traditionally fall on a plot devised by the powerful Medici family, involving plaster of paris, an elegant pince-nez and rotini. A tragedy that has never satisfactorily been explained.
That, or he died in his sleep, a very old man who probably should not have spent so much time clambering up and down scaffolding all day.
I'm thinking he should have hit up his old pal Leonardo and gotten him to invent elevators. At the very least, Leo should have lent him the helicopter ....


My sympathies. I have a chronic version of what you're experiencing (back pain, that is, rather than vampirism) and it is a right pain in the... er... back.

Fortunately I stumbled upon a really excellent physiotherapist when I moved down here and he has gone a long way to getting the problem sorted.

Swimming is also good.


You know what's odd - I actually think the straw that broke the camel's back (pun recognized, but still tolerated) was that I just started swimming. I think I must had done something wrong and not realized it.


Swimming is crap. Avoid it.


You should do what that one office did somewhere in some city, they have replaced all their desks and chairs with treadmills. This way, employees have to jog or walk whilst sending that all important email to the major stockholders.

Talk about improving dexterity!


Great website, awesome graphic work!

I've added u in my award winning websites. Cheers!

Mick Lauer

You rarely ever see such creativity materialized so vividly in the world. Of course, by "you" I mean the anonymous general umbrella term...in actuality, "You" see it all every time you care to glance at your reflection.

Supremely amazing work.

Erik Wallace

In response to Greg, chiropractors aren't the solution, but pair adjustments WITH physical therapy and you'll be good as new.

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