Friday, January 09, 2009

Mer Old Maid

Mer Old Maid

Fluff Kerfuffle

Once again, I find myself entering production on not just one but two books as I enter January. And since my petition to have Earth's rotation slowed to 30 hours has fallen on deaf ears, it looks like I'll just need to find other areas in which to save time. So I'm taking the advice of one Santos Maria J., who suggests that I just share art every now and then, instead of taking days and days to write fluff. Granted, he didn't actually say "don't write fluff". I just added that now. This is the kind of fluff he's not talking about, I guess.

So today I thought I'd share a painting I that I started this summer, and then forgot about. This image was actually re-purposed numerous times. Initially it was a vector design for a t-shirt, but after thinking it would actually make a pretty nice painting, I abandoned the vector version and put brush to board. Then, in the midst of working on the painting, I decided it would be a pretty good image for a promo card. However, as months passed by and I was still only half-done, I abandoned the promo card idea.

Painting Details

Sometime around August I had worked and reworked this image so many times that I finally reached my threshold of despair and disgust and hid it away. Until now. Because by now I've forgotten all the things that bothered me. Let that be a lesson to you... just because you hate every single stroke you put down in a painting doesn't mean it's not working. It probably just doesn't look how you intended it to look.

For the full view of this painting, check it out in the gallery section.

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Love the 'do! Like Bozo meets Arial. This is a great piece. Thanks for sharing.


Definitely some sage advice. Great stuff!


Great — now I have this overwhelming need to go have lunch at a bowling alley.


And have fishsticks?


bah! dont listen to that santos maria dude: more fluff, please!


Haha - well, that was his suggestion for being able to still update the site, instead of putting it aside for six months like I had to do last year :D


@bearskinrug: yeah, but it's imitation fish. Which, at the alley, simply means compressed and deep fried cigarette ash with a side of fries.

And tartar sauce but you don't even want me to tell you what they make that out of.

Ezequiel canovas

Love your work!
And old smokers sirens have something special in their eyes, i can't stop watching ;)
Thanks for the new rss new stuff. We need more feed's from your site (i think)


Marjo J. Sienta is right you should make with the art share more often. It's 2009 already - enough with the damn greed. Btw, the lesson about hating the strokes of a painting etc. is applicable to a fair number of disparate endeavors.

k.t. strasse

its funny that the petition fell flat– i signed it twice!

Joan M. Mas

I've taken a look at the full version and indeed it's hard to tell why you thought it didn't work.
I imagine it as the cover of a comic album, hardcover, french BD style. Now we only need the 46-page or so story. :-) It would be eye-catching on the shelves.


Ezequiel - That special something in their eyes is post-menapausal lust. Rrrrrr!

BigA - Okay, but remember that most of my art is nudes of you...

K.T - Oh - actually, that was just you signing over the deed to your house.

Joan M. Mas - Okay... scene one... a mermaid runs out of cigarettes and has to go to the store...


Wait, does a mermaid have lungs... or do they have gills for the underwater cities? Either way, I don't think smoking is a good message - you know, with all the easily influenced shelfish and what not...


I once used Photoshop to make a photo of my wife as a mermaid. Until our oldest kid was about six, both he and his little sister believed that my wife gave up her life of undersea royalty to marry me.


Smith - well, they DO have gills... so all that smoke she's inhaling is just going to her stomach. Mmmm... the rich smooth taste of Carolina Smoke!

Reggebah - Haha - that's pretty awesome :D


No more fluff? Not even the well-seasoned stuff you find in your navel? How about the kind you find in the thingy in the dryer? Or the occassional fluff bunny found nestled under the bed? *kicks small rock* Aw, fooey! :-P

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