Thursday, December 04, 2008

Mojo and the Bagboy

Mojo and the Bagboy

Truth in Eight Panels

Every now and then, I manage to write a comic that helps convey my deepest beliefs. Art, after all, is a vehicle for expressing oneself; and if the artist sees an opportunity to break through those barriers that impede their growth — fear of rejection, fear of alienation, fear of appearing foolish or stupid — by God, they must take that risk! They must be honest, and may the consequences be damned! So it is with great relief, and not a little pride, that I release this comic and the universal principle of humanity that it affirms:

Never help anyone. Ever.

Unfortunately, this is in perfect conflict with another of my guiding axioms: Always Help Me. Always.

Do or Do Not Join The Fight Against Server Transfer Syndrome.

As some of you may have noticed, the site has been acting funny these past couple of days. I've been moved to a new server and there's still some weirdness going on, on here and on the Superest as well. But hopefully it'll be cleared up in a few days. In the meantime, if you experience a problem, feel free to email me and let me know. Unless you've taken the above lesson to heart, in which case I heartily commend you for your doing of nothing. Or wait — do I not commend you? No.


No... Y...


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Brian Flanagan

That's the glorious difference between 'The Golden Rule' and 'My Golden Rule'.

Just ask any king.


[ bows to the master ]


Anders - Dammit - I was just aiming for "Grupid".

Brian - Or Dauphins. Don't forget history's beloved Dauphins!

Michael - "master"... I like that... I shall be the "Master of Being A Jerk". I must amend all my identification.


But seriously what bagboy on this planet can pull off a decent quiche?

And how has Mojo not lost his home? Did Lewis bail him out?


Well, Mojo and Lew were pretty much immune to the mortgage crisis. It's one of the benefits of being a squatter.


Brilliant, now I'm wondering why I never thought of that.

I think I will test it out this weekend.

Gentle Jones

real monkeys don't eat quiche

Captain Purple

I have this head cold, but I'm not sure that it has all that much to do with your server transfer issue. Perhaps you should prepare some chicken soup for me, just to be sure?


glindon marten

Why didn't Mojo get one of the sexy lady baggers or "baggirls" to come home and make his quiche? ...why does that sound so dirty?


Glindon: Agreed. That cashier has quite the figure. Perhaps mojo was intimidated?

And glindon, you must be crazy. Are you inferring that a wild monkey would decline to eat a finely made quiche? I think not. I would hazard a guess to think a sock monkey would have no problem celebrating even a sub-par of quiches.


This bagger must be from my town: I noticed he packed Mojo on top of the eggs.

Cliener von Cleanskin

I believe the correct term is “egg and bacon pie” although Google suggests this usage is purely an Australian colloquialism and there is in fact a genuine egg and bacon pie separate from a quiche. To make it easier for everyone, I hereby grant licence for all BSR readers to use the term “egg and bacon pie” in reference to a quiche and thus appear more manly.



You just reminded me of a friend of mine in Atlanta who, upon seeing a quiche for the first time, exclaimed, "What is that? Egg Pie?!?"


I'm imagining a couple of Rat-Creatures (from Jeff Smith's Bone) attacking now.

Which reminds me to ask - why don't we have more violence in Mojo strips nowadays?


Bah — the Nature Conservancy threatened to revoke my membership if I didn't start representing the less-dangerous aspects of the species. They did the same kinda thing to Peter Jackson after Lord of the Rings.

Joe Banks

Dreamhost still up to par? All my eggs are in one quiche-basket, so it's always good to hear how heavier-than-mine trafficked sites fare. What would Mojo do?


Sorry to hear about the back again, Kevin, but fear not! Your dreams of seeing objects behind you are not lost, you simply need to invest in some helpful equipment ... namely, rearview mirrors.

And see a chiropractor. :-)

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