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Costume Party Pooper

Costume Party Pooper

An Ambidextrous Comic

Costume parties always sound like fun to me, but I rarely ever put on an outfit for one. And if I do make a costume, you can bet I didn't put much effort into it. I have a bit of a mental block when it comes to using creativity in the "real world" rather than on paper. Also, I believe a party should be an opportunity to decrease stress. It seems odd to tack on five or six extra hours of work before a party creating an uncomfortable costume which, odds are, I will throw out as soon as I get home.

What I should do from now on is create costumes that are still useful after the party. Like a cop uniform. Or a coffin.

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Gentle Jones

this year for halloween i plan to be a nudist.


That's a popular costume at Christmas parties.


You could go as a sub-prime mortgage!

Dress in your swankiest suit, then halfway through the night rip it off to reveal the rotting meat you've tied around your waist.


Black-eyed Pea = black one eye with makeup and paste, marker or sew a giant upper case "P" on your chest. Done.

The Colonel

A friend of mine had a great suggestion.

Attach a series of tubes to yourself and go as the internet. After all, it is not a truck.


I plan on going as the Horseless Headman.


Al - The swankiest suit I have is actually made from rotting meat. Is that a problem?

Traylorillo - Then everyone will call me "P Man" all night. AND it'll look like I lost my last battle.

Colonel - So the tubes are what power the internet! Amazing!

Reggebah - I think you have that backwards. It's the Manless Headhorse.


I plan on going as Mojo so I can get away with any Halloween prank and utter "eh" during party conversations


At least they didn't pull the ULTIMATE in laziness when it comes to Halloween costumes and just go dressed as themselves for halloween (sadly I have been known to attempt pulling that off more than once).


Next time have Kim just go with Mojo and have her tell everyone it's you dressed as Mojo. Sure there'll be some damage control after but that's a small price to pay. Well..probably a very large price to pay.

Cliener von Cleanskin

Shane – Don’t let lack of formally recognised costume fool you, you’re clearly describing a serial killer or a terrorist – they look the same as everyone else.

A creepy idea this year would be to dress as a happy stockbroker.

Kevin – how fares your Intuos?


Mark - You better hope there's no FBI at that party though. His "side-business" turned out to be a cult. That counterfeits money.

Shane - For the "Future"-themed Camp Naked Terror, I set my watch ahead 5 minutes. No one thought that was funny.

BigA - Actually... kim once dressed as Lew for a costume party. We still have the giant stuffed tail in the closet. There's surprisingly few uses for a fake sock tail.

Cliener - Well, I bought a new one THAT day. These days it's almost impossible for me to work efficiently without one, which kind of scares me that I'm so tied to the computer to create art. But... that's the breaks!


I once went to a Pirates of the Carribean party as a Parrot of the Carribean...

...If I remember correctly I spent my enitre evening sitting and dinking on someones shoulder...

My date hated me.

russer butter

Last year was the first time in a long time I didn't dress up for Halloween, this year looks like it will be much the same. I guess living out in the middle of no where with the house a quarter mile off the road kinda cuts down on the trick-or-treat traffic, and living in a new town kinda cuts down on the party options. I will be attending a party on November 1st (should have been the 5th, but what can you do), but that will be to dress warmly, sit around a bonfire and burn an effigy of Guy Fawkes.


Kevin was a pirate that year (I know, not very original), but he dressed up Mojo as a parrot, complete with wings and a beak, perched on his shoulder.


That is brilliant and hilarious! Anyone who gave you grief you should of brought a bottle of fake blood thrown some on your face and said, "there are you happy, now I'm dead five minutes from now and it's your fault!"

William Stewart

My favorite is a girl who dressed as a pregnant nun with a sign that said, "The Devil made me do it!"


Kevin, you have no excuse. You can at least go as a douchebag


Hehe — good call, Reece :D


This year, I wanted go as a hanging Chad, or, better yet, a pregnant Chad, but I couldn't make a ballot big enough to wear. See, here in Florida, every vote counts. And counts. And counts. And counts ...
So, does a pregnant Chad have the right to seek an abortion? Civil rights for ALL!!!!!


I went as Waldo's girlfriend, Wilma.



Wilma's with Waldo? But what if Fred finds out? :-O

Ian Corey

I get it now! They look the same anyway! haha.


I thought I had it all planned out perfectly this halloween: I had my kid dress me up for the party....
trust me: don't do that! ever!
do you have any idea how tight kiddy-costumes-from-last-year are around the chest? breathing was not an option

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