Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Mojo’s Leave

Mojo’s Leave

The Baby Needs Fluffing

What a shame. It's tough being a single parent, working and raising a child. Even if the child is just a pillow tucked under a maternity dress. Although, in Mojo's defense, an overstuffed pillow is much closer to being the actual offspring of a sock monkey than a real baby.

I suppose we shouldn't judge him until Lew finishes that study on sock monkey reproduction.

Lew's Reproductive Study

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Come now - you're telling us Mojo is so superbly filling out that dress with just a pillow?

Clearly, Mojo's manager is more of an ass man.

(btw - fluffing? ha!)

Terry Tolleson

What other sock monkey did Mojo claim to get is, well, mojo on with?


Testmonkey - I bet he got one of those Mrs. Doubtfire suits.

Terry - I doubt he thought his plan through that far. I mean... he didn't even think to start calling himself Mrs. Mojo.

Randy Johnson

Man I thought Mojo was just fat, for real/
Like just 20 more panels of mojo trying to get into that chair would've done it for me too :)

glindon marten

You could connect these two comics, cut the last two panels of the bottom one, and then stick them above the pregnant mojo comic above. It would put a whole new perspective on mojo and lew's relationship. Very progressive.


This might be completely obvious to the average reader, but what genius gave Mojo a job in the first place? Doing what? Guarding the sock drawer?


There are plenty of jobs Mojo would be good at;

Professional foot warmer
Podiatrist's assistant
Maytag repair man
Red-Heel Knitting company spokesperson
Stunt man for Lamb Chop


You've got to give it to Mojo for trying though. His performance getting into that chair is certainly more persuasive than his Hamlet.


Randy - Well, if he drinks enough water, he could easily soak up 20-30 pounds.

Glindon - Well, if Mojo and Lew switched sides there'd be a lot of disappointed ladies out there, that's all I can say.

Jeremy - I think businesses get a big tax break for hiring the stupid.

Gerren - You should totally take over Lew's job in Curriculum Vitae. You're much more perceptive than Lew was, for sure.

Bananaglyph - Haha - you had me laughing for a while with that one ;)


Poor Mojo! I suppose he'll have to file a discrimination case now with the ACLU. I'm sure Al Sharpton would be happy to take his case.
BTW - so sorry to hear about the Intuos!! I would be inconsolate if something were spilled on mine! My kids have been well trained to understand that having food and drink near Mom's desk is punishable by a swift and merciless death. Amazingly, I still have all three of them, so I guess brutal tyranny really pays off ....


Ha! Bananas!

Manuel Martensen

Off-topic, but just wanted to inform that Amazon Germany started to deliver Benjamin (just recieved an email where say said it left their house today and shall arrive at my place tomorrow).

Thought someone might be interested.

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