Thursday, September 11, 2008

Death Letter

Death Letter

Grim Business

More than anything, this comic makes me wonder about the "urgent business" for which Death had to leave. Think about it — for him to zip off in the middle of a reaping means it was probably an emergency, and judging by the nature of his job, the biggest emergency he could have is someone coming back to life.

So I bet zombies make Death really annoyed. He's probably standing around, watching all these undead walk by, and he's all like "Crap! This is three month's worth of work down the toilet!"

Shit. I probably shouldn't have written that. It would have made a pretty good Six-Penny Anthem for Halloween. Everyone forget I wrote that!

I'll start over again.

Grim Business Humor

I bet Death probably had a good chuckle when he came to the part about leaving his sickle in the "living room", Right? Am I right?

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Stevie K

I hope this doesn't start a trend of self-service in all mythical service industries. Before you know it, we will be buying our own presents instead of relying on Santa Claus.

William Stewart

If I were that guy I would snatch up the sickle and do some kick-butt reaping of my own on some people before Death came back. And then maybe he would make me his apprentice.


They're killin' off Jim from The Office? Bastards! How do you come to have such advanced knowledge, sir?

I mean, this is too clever for a Dwight prank...


I bet you death pulled his back out from working so hard. He had to limp off in a hurry to see his chiropractor


Michael - Score!

Stevie K - I better not have to start cobbling my own shoes. I don't even have a hammer!

William - Death already has an apprentice. Or maybe I'm thinking of his secretary. Whichever one validated my parking.

Colonel - Oh man. I'm sending that to everyone I know.

Testmonkey - What a horrible way to find out your fired from a show, too. To have to read about it on a blog that you don't even visit. Sheesh!

Gerren - How can he pull his back? He has no muscles! Or tendons. Maybe he tore a ligament?

Captain Purple

How hard can the Reaper'sô work be? I mean, you always see him smiling, right?


Captain Purple - LOL


yeah, um I'd like to place a pre-order for the "GO REAP YOURSELF' T-shirts please.


Well, since no-one else has said it...: "More cowbell!"


I almost met the reaper on this one... instead, the Diet Mt. Dew just ended up all over my monitor.

I second the motion on that "GO REAP YOURSELF" T-shirt idea. Please make sure they're cotton. :)

Glindon Marten

I believe that the hilarity of this comic has staying power, post it again on Halloween... I'll laugh again.


I guess it's almost like a cop that pulls someone over and then he get's called away for bigger and better things.

Only I've never seen a cop say, here, just write yourself a ticket and get started on your paperwork for me, and I'll just be back later.

So maybe Mr. Grim, should of just left a "I'll be back soon" note instead...


"Go reap yourself until I return"? So how long does a reaping take, then? Sounds like Death was expecting a long, drawn out ordeal. I've got to say, though, Death must be a very trusting spirit to expect Jim to get started on hiw own demise in Death's absence. I'm sure I'd be on the A train out of town, pronto!


Underground Daily reported that Death was so pleased with an internet cartoon that he read, he did a happy dance! The cartoon from designer/artist/random clever dude Kevin Cornel filled Death with so much pleasure that he could almost not contain himself. "This is so great, that sickle part, it's so funny. I laughed so much, I almost... well... I almost felt alive!! HAHA, imagine that!" death was quoted saying.


BigA - I won't be making shirts. Just oversized black cloaks.

Bananaglyph - "Tock, Tock, Tock, Tock"... Hmm... I think that's the sound it would make. Maybe a "Bok, Bok, Bok, Bok"...

Gizank - Trust me, if you're drinking Mountain Dew, you'll be seeing the reaper soon enough. It's like battery acid!

Glindon - You just clinched it buddy. If anyone complains about seeing that comic, I'm directing all complaints to you! ;)

Shane - To be honest, if a cop ever did that to me, I might just drive away. Oh crap... I shouldn't admitted that in print. Now it can be used against me in a court of law!

Phyllis - Well, you never know. Reaping might be a pleasant painful experience. Like picking scabs. It hurts — but there's still something satisfying about it.

Opspraak - Heheh - you make Death sound like such a fun guy to hang out with!


Death's job was offshored. Reapings will now be handled from Bangalore.

Hugh G.

I bet Death would come back at a really inconvenient time too. Like when your shaving your cat, or in the middle of a 30 Rock marathon. He's so inconsiderate that way...


Life sucks when you're not important enough to die...


Smith .... now THAT would make an excellent T-shirt!! :-D

Cliener von Cleanskin

I agree with Smith that it’s quite the insult to be so low on the list that you have to wait for your soul to be taken.

That said, it is reassuring to see that Death has maintained his anthropomorphical touch even with an increased workload. I’d be none too pleased to be taken away by the work experience kid although Terry Pratchett has covered this topic already.


If I could choose which version of death came knocking on my door, Iíd pick Neil Gaimanís version of death from the Sandman series (hot goth brunette with a cool facial tattoo... also, no scythe)


You know, maybe death went to reap the benefits of his job.

Haha get it reap. ah thats funny


When making tiny booties for Ernie's feet .... well, there's the problem: booties. The very name (coupled with the creepy feeling of wool between the toes) is a huge turn-off. Maybe Ernie would be happier with Burkenstocks. Or Go-Go Boots.


Well, a Dachshund Go-Go Boot would really just be a normal shoe. But your point is still well made.

Honey Amplegood

My seven-year-old son remarks: "He should have left his scythe in the 'rest in peace room' otherwise known as the bedroom."


It's been a while. I miss this blog. well, I bet Jim has a dog, and that Death's urgent business was something to do with Jim's dog, cause the dog snatched some of Deaths bone or something, or maybe his skull and that's his "urgent business".

If I were Jim, I would make an auction on ebay or something like that.


Actually... the next post is late because I'm in Ottawa. But I'll be posting sometime tomorrow or tuesday!

Glindon Marten

I hope the next post is a comic about those Canadians, that would be pretty sweet, ay?


I've got some killer Poutine jokes stored away. It's gonna be great!


Putin's Poutine, perchance? :-)

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