Thursday, September 04, 2008

Foot of the Rabbit

Foot of the Rabbit

Lucky Break

The custom of toting about a rabbit's foot really is quite odd. Although I have to admit, I never really came to this conclusion until getting Ernie.

There's actually a great deal of similarity between rabbits and dachshunds. Both are quite diminutive in stature, and have long skinny builds with short limbs. I first noticed this relationship when taking Ernie out to answer the call of nature. Observe:

A Comparison of Posture Betwixt a Rabbit and Defecating Dachshund

So one day, Kim and I were sitting on the couch — feeling Ernie's paws — and the contrast of soft fur over hard knuckle and nail both reminded us of rabbit's feet. And after a few minutes mulling over this new revelation, we decided it would make much more sense for us to cut off one of Ernie's feet, rather than waste money in the Kmart vending machine. But, knowing that Ernie needs his paws to destroy our floors, we selflessly put the idea aside.

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How about tethering some rabbit's feet to Ernie?


I tell ya - just pull the stem off that carrot and switch the order of fig 1 & fig 2 and you're tellin' a whole different story there, boy.


BigA - Better yet... tether them to his tail. That should keep him busy for a couple years.

Testmonkey - "My Disdain for the Common Hare" by Ernie The Dog.


Well, the now three-legged rabbit wasn't so lucky at all, was it? I keep wondering which animal's lucky feet rabbits carry around...


I carry chicken feet in my pocket…for protection against voodoo curses and all. What do rabbit's feet protect against?


Credonaut - I think they carry around their own, except, you know "attached".

Bluefrog - Well, they certainly don't protect you against losing things. I must have bought about 15 of them when I was a kid.

Glindon Marten

I enjoy rabbits,,, intact. They make perfectly spherical pellets of poo. I wish I could do that.


Rabbits are Evil. I see that you have captured that essence in your sketch.


I wonder why the foot of a Rabbit was designated as the animal who's foot when died a bright color and attached to a chain would bring good luck, I mean why not an elephants foot, or even a deer?


Indeed the compromised dog does have a resounding resemblance to the stationary rabbit! Could an explanation for this maybe be that rabbits do not in fact always look like that, but mostly look like that because carrots leave them constipated?


This year, we'll watch for a visit from Easter Dachshund, then! ( .... but wouldn't that mean hunting for "gifts" with a pooper-scooper ....?)


Glindon - There's no reason you can't already do that. You should eat more marbles.

Bananaglyph - A not-unexpected sentiment from an Aussie. I feel the same way about Zebra mussels!

Shane - We COULD switch. It would help curb deer populations. And elephant populations. I was driving through the zoo the other day and almost hit one with my car.

Opspraak - You might be right. I mean you probably need things to be pretty pressurized in there to form those tight pellets that Glindon so admires.

Phyllis - Trust me, if there was an Easter Dachshund, it wouldn't be giving anything. Except maybe a gift you're immediately supposed to give back, or one that you both take an end, and then tug of war over it.

Russer Butter

My alpacas make pelletized poop just like a rabbit, but unfortunately their feet, like the deer and elephant, are too large to cut off and carry around in your pocket as a good luck charm.
If you attached your keys to an elephant foot I would think they might be harder to lose though. And the fact that elephants never forget might help you to remember where you set them down last.


ok first, deer foots are actually perfect because they both have the same kind of poop
and second, do you think that they dye the rabbits foot after its off or are the only rabbits that have lucky feet brightly colored?


Russer - Well... I'd think that all an elephant's memory power resides in its brain. So theoretically it makes the most sense to carry the brain around. Simply put the brain in a trashbag, and put the trashbag in a backpack. Done!

Ksutt - I have yet to see a colored rabbit, so i'm assuming they're all extinct; another senseless casualty of man and our materialistic society.

Mike Cherim

Just think, if Ernie ever loses a paw by way of some accident (not the familial method), this experience has given you a what-to-do education: You can head over to Kmart's prosthetics department.

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