Thursday, August 21, 2008

Perps, Shirts, and Buttons

Perps, Shirts, and Buttons

New Shirt Available!

For those of you who long to wear this coupon-cutting felon on your chest, I have good news. Classic Lew Shirts are now available for purchase in the Bearskinrug Store. Finally, you can wear a t-shirt and scarf at the same time!

Regarding Autographed copies of Benjamin Button

At the encouragement of the good folks at Quirkbooks, I'll be putting autographed copies of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button up for sale in my store. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get a hold of any books to actually sign just yet. I may open the store up for pre-orders, but I'll know for sure in the next week or so. More news to follow!

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Mojo: Rogue un-handyman.
Lew: Unsuspecting, thrifty shopper.


Hehehe.... SOOO true... you need to live on a budget when your roommate gets sued with such frequency.


Yeah, but what's the actual crime being committed here, huh? If 'someone' clipped something out of one of my magazines I'd have 'em in a line-up quick smart.


Depends what they're cutting out... if the coupon is for 50% off my bank account, I'd probably put up a stink.

Cliener von Cleanskin

One might hope that Lewis is actually cutting out a “Get out of jail free” card.

Russer Butter

Personally I never pegged Mojo to be clever enough to frame his roommate, or have malice aforethought.
I mean sure Mojo is not the most upstanding citizen, but I can't remember him ever purposefully hurting Lewis before, it usually just happens.
That point aside I did chuckle quite a bit.


Cliener - Heheh - nice :D

Russer - Bah! Lew will only get a slap on the wrist with his clean record. Seriously - that room is the slapping room.

Glindon Marten

I will be buying an autographed book. But only if you write "To Glindon, the guy with the biggest sausage I've ever seen" -Love Kevin. Seriously though, I'm buying a signed book when you get them.


Well... I can't in good conscience sign that in the book. Technically what you had in the fridge was more of a pudding, But, you know... that was the biggest "meal of scraps and trimmings" I'd ever seen.

In any case, I'll sign something nice!


There is no low that Mojo won't stoop too!! For shame!


Mojo obviously sabotaged that gentlemans vehicle - an early 90's Corsica or K car of some sort. I would hazard a guess that the car was re-assembled in his office as furniture. The man seems like he would be in shipping and/or receiving, and actually might have enjoyed the attention for a while.

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