Friday, August 08, 2008

Pancake Savior

Pancake Savior

Do Unto Others

This just goes to show, you don't need to have magic powers, or have super-strength to be a hero. There's a hero in all of us, just waiting to come out. Like yesterday, I was driving the car, and I came to this four-way intersection. And there were three other cars at the intersection. So I waved one fellow on, even though I could have gone. Then I waved the next fellow on. And then, I felt so good, I waved the other car on. But cars kept appearing behind all those cars I waved on. So I selflessly waved a few of them on as well. And behind me, all the other cars were honking their admiration for my sacrifice. Until finally the guy behind me got out of his car to congratulate me, or get my autograph or something. But I don't go in for that kind of ego-inflating, so I just ignored his taps on my window. Anyway, I don't have the right kind of pen for signing a tire iron.

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This gave me a laugh. Good work. I am imagining the whole story playing out.. HA!


*Kevin pumps fist triumphantly from hospital bed*


You can almost hear our hero's idling 18-wheeler out in the parking lot, can't you?


I'm thinking the fork is monogrammed and in his other hand is a fork case. In his hip pocket, a flask of syrup. In his other hip pocket, a backup flask of syrup.


Wow you captured me and my amazing eating skills very well. I can put down some pancakes; I have the belly to prove it. I think even Chucky's dad is impressed.

William Stewart

Thank you for finally giving me a noble reason for my gut! I'm not fat, I'm a pasta and pizza hero! It's a rough job, but someone has to do it.


Testmonkey - I think that's actually an RV.

BigA - Haha - you sound pretty familiar with him... you wouldn't happen to be his "Alfred", would you?

Trunk - Of course he's impressed... I mean, he couldn't handle those pancakes, obviously.

William - My own spare tire is a war wound from an epic battle with bagel sandwiches.


Ok, so where was the Spinach and Lima Bean hero when I was a kid? Pancakes are nothing - they actually taste GOOD!


No one wants to be a Lima Bean hero. Like how no one wants to play tuba in the school band.


~~, *chuckles. Love the illustration. Fun. Ah, my tiredness in this day was gone.

About the the question you ask in "Bear Tools, Part IV" article. Yes, it melt it was my intention and wetting the paper is my theory, I thought it's going to crisp the paper but it did not, how sad...


Cliener von Cleanskin

I can imagine the Unbreakable style lead up to this scene where the pancakes are picked out in a saturated colour in our hero’s sight.


aaah! Spoken like a true hero! If only the world had more courageous citizens like you then we'd all re-consider our virtues! You are a true ambassador of hope, courage and most of all - patience!


TYRE iron, you mean. This site means everything is British, remember?


completely off subject, the comment form at the bottom has an option that says "Shall we remember this information?" and the options are "YES" or "NO". I think it would be classier to have them say "We Shall!" and "Not Today, Good Sir". Just a thought. Mmm Pancakes (but I prefer waffles).


As you say, you don't ned magic powers to be a hero. This very interesting article from the Scientific American explains how someone could actually train to be a Batman.

How many of the Superest heros are magical or super-natural, and how many are regular guys with accessories?


It's all about accessorizing, of course!
Just ask Gucci.


I think the Pancake Savior needs 'utility suspenders' more than he needs a 'utility belt!"

As for you Kevin sir, you might need utility earplugs and utility mouth guard, so as to better bite your lip than praise yourself as well as drowning out the hoots of praise you receive - and maybe some sunglasses, just in case you pass a mirror or a reflective office window and by chance blind yourself with your own exuberance!


Pancake Bully


is it just me or does this guy seem more like a villain than a super hero


This is great, pretty funny stuff.

David Stoner

Those pancakes looks like Pac-Man.

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