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Opening And Closing Night

Opening And Closing Night

Acting Poorly

When I was younger, I thought acting must be a pretty easy job, and consequently didn't give actors much credit. This might have been because it's so much easier to weave intricate webs of lies when you're a teenager. But as an adult, I've come to understand acting isn't easy. I certainly can't do it. I tend to not be able to keep a straight face, and it takes me forever to memorize anything. Plus, I'm barely comfortable watching sex scenes, much less performing one.

I can't imagine Mojo being much better than me, though for different reasons. First, he seems to have seems to have sub-par language skills, and secondly has major problems working in a team environment. I mean, he works well enough with Lewis, but that's because Lew is an exceptionally accommodating monkey.

I suppose for the first couple weeks of a show Mojo isn't a terribly bad cast member. But pretty soon the rest of the actors start to notice their glamour shots have all been pre-autographed by "Mojo The Magnificent". And it just escalates from there, until one day the show is delayed because he's put on every costume — and all the make-up — at the same time.

For some sort of one-man show I think it was.

Reviews weren't too bad.

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The Colonel

"First, he seems to have seems to have sub-sub-par..."

Stuck in a loop?

How'd Mojo land this gig? Promises of violence, or promises of candy?


Whoops! Fixed ;)

Well. He has that impressive resume. He can get ANY job!


OK, what fool gave Mojo a stage sword?! Dammit! I mean, the play would've been over soooo much sooner. A mercy killing, if you will. All local theater should issue real weapons for the sake of the public.


Well, the stage sword isn't really the problem. He just shouldn't have used stage poison on the tip.

Stevie K

I think discrimination is afoot. Mojo clearly isn't comfortable performing in English, he should be given a role in his own language. At the moment I cannot think of any plays consisting entirely of the word 'Eh', I think this is a gap in the market.


Well... Mojo's fluent in English. He just has this heavy monkey accent. I'm sure he just wanted to get home early to catch his favorite prime time shows.


Whoa. Mojo's been eatin' his Wheaties. He's huge!


having attended an acting academy of some note in my younger years, I can reveal that 'faint then stab' is kind of the actor's go-to move. So say what you might, Mojo is following the handbook perfectly.


JR - Oh yeah - everyone was huge back then. You had to be to fight off plague rats.

BigA - That wasn't an acting academy. That was fencing camp.

Sion I Am

I wonder what the guy in the red is saying? Is it "Mr Green Tights is wearing my g-string." by any chance?


This is a good look for Mojo. I think he should stick with it.

glindon marten

Can you draw Mojo into an episode of Seinfeld with the same poofy shirt?


Sion - my guess is his taking that moment to plan the after-show cast party that Mojo isn't allowed to attend.

Sutter - Honestly, anyone looks good in tights.

Glindon - Mojo was already in an episode of Seinfeld. I think he played one of Jerry's girlfriends.


So does this mean Lewis is Rosencrantz? Or is he Guildenstern?

Terry Tolleson

I just think Mojo believes they can edit the play in post-production. All the magic happens then, anyway.


Charles - He's both. Lewsensterncrantz.
Terry - I imagine that's when they'll add the scenery as well.


Oh pleeeeeeze can we have the scene where Mojo/Hamlet sees the ghost of Banquo...


Hehe... a little play cross-over action!

Though to be realistic, the only ghost Mojo would want to meet would be Slimer.

Saint Banana of Guadeloupe

The impression of distance is great. Maybe it's partly due to the subtle gradation on the back of the stage combined with the shadows. And I like the dramatic changes of viewer perspective. Anyhow, your technique is beautifully refined.

In the cartoon business is there a name for those *swoon* and *stab* thingys that denote an action?


Well, I'd call em "Sutterisms"...

But that's only because I stole them from Sutter. ;)

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