Thursday, April 24, 2008

Past Bedtime

Past Bedtime

The Trials Of Parenthood I Think

Being a parent is tough. Though, having no children myself, I can only say that through my experience as a child who made things tough for his parents. And of course, I can observe the toughness of parenthood through my peers. I am now passing the phase in life when all my friends are wedding, and entering the phase where they're begetting.

I do slightly understand the difficulty of parenting through my experience of pet ownership, but this usually isn't anything a real parent wants to hear about. On numerous occasions I've made the mistake of countering a "my child does this" story with a "my dog does this". I can understand a parent being insulted by this comparison — unless of course their child is feral, in which case I turn out to be a better parent than them even without a kid.

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In my experience, the toughest part of being a parent is maintaining consistency - it's all to easy to set a boundary one day, and break it the next.


So kids go in some kind of fence, hmm? I'm learning already!


hrm... I compare one of my kids to a dog pretty regularly (the other one smacks of a turtle). I hope this doesn't offend you.


If you're implying that MY dog left my new electric drill out in the rain, I bite my thumb at you, good sir!

The Colonel

You just adequately illustrated both me as a child, and me next Tuesday when GTA IV comes out.

I can't think of a better way to waste about 3 zillion hours.


Can I come over and waste 1 zillion?


note to new parents:

dont send your friends photos of your newly born mediocre child - they dont care




Actually, child-owning friends of new parents do want to see photos of their new baby, but only for benchmarking purposes ("does their new child look more/less like roadkill than ours did at that age?")


I wish parents really were that gullible. I could get away with anything... I mean more than i already do.


This guy isn't necessarily gullible. I think he's more in the "stupid" category.



Hahahaha! Lovely. You should do the make-something-of-a-blob thing again. I loved the blob thing.




Does this mean that your back? For good? 'Cause that would be great =)


Hmmm... okay - you talked me into it ;)


"My dog does this..." too funny! I love your site and general sense of humor. It's always great to see a new post, as I'm getting close to conquering all of the archived ones.

Seperately, I was at the grocery store the other day in the produce section. My line of thinking went something like this, "Hmm... Do I want grapes?.... Bananas?...... Bananas!! Bahahaha!"
Thanks to you and Lewis for that bit of internal (and perhaps slightly insane) dialog. :)

Diane Zerr

My husband and I say that our son listens about as well as a dog does ... does that offend pet owners who have dogs that actually listen?

I can't believe the dad went upstairs to look ... that's too funny!

Russer Butter

I refer to my alpacas as kids, and I do keep them in a fenced pasture, does that count? I would have to say that Ernie probably listens and follows directions better than my alpacas though.


Kaytee - Thanks Kaytee! And Lewis is always glad to hear when he's got more attention than Mojo ;)

Diane the newly Zerred - Well, if you're at the end of your rope, you can try bribing your son with peanut butter on a spoon. Now THAT gets attention!

Russer - Well, we DID send Ernie to that fancy, Ivy-League college. And let's face it, Alpaca State is a party school.

Mark Wunsch

Brilliant. I think that being a good cat-owner means I will be a good parent. I look forward to the days when I can chase my child around the house with a fake mouse and scold him/her when they've scratched up the couch.

p.s. is this a return from your "hiatus-of-sorts"?


I believe so - I plan to post tomorrow, anyway :D


So, do dog owners get annoyed with cat owners for comparing?

Max Machen

This is fantastic!

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