Monday, March 17, 2008

The Lunch Adventure

The Lunch Adventure

A Brief Check-In

As some of you may or may not know, last week was South by Southwest 2008, the interactive web conference. I made the trip again this year, and it was lovely to have been unshackled from the desk for a weekend. One welcome bonus to making the trip was the chance to fill up my sketchbook, and one welcome bonus of that was the chance to document one of my many lunch adventures in comic form, as seen above.

(Hands behind back, looking around ol' Bearskinrug Manor)

Very well then. Everything seems in order here...

We now return you to the Great Bearskinrug Hiatus, already in progress.

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How about skipping Monday entirely? I could do with a 6 days week and 32 hours per day as well ...

Stevie K

Glad your back Kevin, albeit temporarily, my Google reader has been poorer for you absence.


Credonaut - That's not a bad idea. Though I'd still like to shift Monday's dessert to one of those other days of the week.

Stevie K. - Haha - thanks, Stevie - hopefully not too much longer :D


You terrible tease, you! Thanks for reassuring us that you were still indeed on hiatus. As opposed to, you know, being held in a very small dungeon by Mojo.

You aren't being held in a very small dungeon by Mojo, are you? Because if you are, this was a terrible post.

The Colonel

Lovely comic!

I have nothing particularly useful to say, so I'll just retire to the corner and eyeball you.



Testmonkey - Well... it's not a SMALL dungeon. But then, I am pretty short.

Colonel - You lucky bastard. That's the most comfortable chair in Bearskinrug Manor.


I don't like talking to people either. I've totally gone through this process before.

glindon marten


I promise not to loiter around your website so much and to actually buy some stuff soon.

Thanks for posting again so soon (sooner than I thought).


Alisa - We should totally not get together and talk sometime ;)

Glindon - I don't mind you loitering out front. It keeps the old people away.

Terry Tolleson

I was wondering why you were just standing there at that corner. I rather thought you were trying to avoid me. Now that I think of it though… all that time; why was I on the opposite corner for anyway?


Well, I wouldn't HAVE to avoid you if you'd just stop hitting me when I see you!

Captain Purple

* peeks out from behind the gothic suit of armor*

That was close. Who's up for some more euchre?


Just checking, but isn't hip and popular the same thing? Probably not considering they're in the same word bubble, but...


Nope. A hip place is filled with trendy people who look cool but don't look like they're trying to look cool. A popular place is just a place where everyone wants to eat.


Hmm..that would so totally be me....


ok well, how about crowded and small? Those usually go together.


I was just in downtown Austin myself for a job interview and felt intimidated by the 6th street lunch crowd as well. I couldn't explain why, exactly, but I felt like just going in somewhere and eating would have been about as fun as scaling Everest.

Mr. Fishie

Personally, crossing the street, or a highway, is no problem for me. Though don't expect me to actually go in and eat somewhere. I mean, come on. People are scary.


This is like when a bear comes out of its cave, looks around and realizes that it is still winter… So it gives a big yawn and then retreats back to its cave for more hibernation.

Manuel Martensen

Man, couldn’t you have just waited untill you were done withe that hiatus thing, i was so close to forgetting you.

Fuckin’ splendid, now i look at the feed again every day and be some kind of sad for a minute.

Damn you!

Manuel Martensen

Hope i didn’t scare you too far away now.

But you see what you did there? You were asking for the trouble! Damn fans, i hate us.


Hit and run!!! After a few months of cold turkey, opspraak finally returns to Bearskinrug to search for a new fresh high, he's back in the act, back in the tight of things... but wait, what is this... a lie, simply a hit and run from his favorite provider. No, NOOOOOOOO, come back, I need you, I neeeeeeddddd yoooouuu (melting slowly away, puss and bubbles).

Screw this I'm getting back on that Superest drug again!


ah, internet drugs... i love them all

Manuel Martensen

KSUTT, would you please?


oh, so there is no internet drugs?!?!

Then what the heck was I on?


I do this every day.


This was so me in San Francisco two months ago, right down to the empty stomach for the afternoon sessions. If I had a beard and wore glasses during the day (and if I had my very own Mojo) I might have myself an identity crisis right here, right now.

Oh, yeah, and I'm the geek with the backpack that carries all my papers, my laptop, a digital SLR and a couple of extra lenses. That satchel is way too hip for me.


....I've done was more....well at least he didn't fall on HIS face...


That was some eerily familiar internal dialogue. :|


AHA! So that was YOU behind me with that weird mind-reading ray. For shame!


LOL. Absolutely brilliant!


hi. linked to this great post from my blog. hope u don't mind =P


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hey...was jus browsing for some creative website...n i found this,lovely illustartions...simplie but witty, i jus love this kind of work,spontaneity and here it goes
keep it up!

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