Friday, February 01, 2008

Mojo and the Horse

Mojo and the Horse

Comic Deployed. Starting Decompression Sequence.

Well I hate to say it, but after 3-going-on-4 years of weekly BSR posting, I'm going to take a hiatus of sorts. Between an uber-job I can't quite talk about yet, my other recurring online duties, and a work pace in January that resulted in no weekends, something has to give before my brain or my wrist do.

I will, of course, still be answering email, shipping store items, and also posting at The Superest.

But if there won't be a new article for a month or two, I'd want to leave everyone with a Mojo comic. Feel free to take your time reading it. Perhaps a panel a day. Or if you read it too fast, and want more, there's always 296 other comics and articles to read.

Decompression initiating in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

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He looks so sad under that horse there. I like the riding helmet/hat also.

Josh Bryant

You'll be missed. And we'll all be right here when you get back!

Enjoy the time. Cheers.


you will be missed...I do like The Superest (despite the RSS issue), but here is where you trully shine without exception :/


Take care of yourself Kevin. I've been in a similar circumstance lately, and you've got to take care of yourself first!

I hope the time away will be recuperative and that you come back to us sooner than later with your wonderful contributions to the blogosphere.

I can't believe I used that phrase. Blogosphere. Like I'm some kind of Web 2.0 junkie. Oh, God! I used "Web 2.0". Somebody, collapse a horse on top of me!


At first I was worried for Mojo's well being after he had a horse sit down on him...but then I realized he is after all just a sock monkey. I expect Mojo's riding habits will probably cease after this little incident, though. Oh, by the way, your "Thunder" onomatopoeia was an excellent addition.

Well, I do hope your uber-job (which you can't talk about) goes well for you.
Catch you in a month or two!

The Colonel

Uber-job!? How dare you work with Germans!

Sympathizing with the Krauts will get you no where, son!

Regardless, they are efficient and good with beer, so... I begrudgingly wish you well.

Ian Corey

I should take over. Like that time I joined the Mummers. This comic is really beautiful.


Happy Decompressing! I imagine having a readership such as yours requires things like time and effort in order to deliver. I gave up on the quality and still have trouble updating my own blog. I need a visit from Mojo.

Mountain Gnome


I Will Miss Your fabulous ,witty cartoons, but am already eagerly awaiting your return! Good Luck with your Uber-job, I wish you all the best! Will continue to keep clicking on Superest after work! You have one magical site going there!

That horse sure got Mojo back, poor ape, but his stuffing will spring back in time, but he's sure gonna smell "horsey" for the next few weeks!

All the Best Kevin!

glindon marten

It's sad to hear, but understood. This is my favorite site/blog on the net.

Russer Butter

Uber-job, why wasn't I told about this?
Who's in charge here anyways?
Oh right I forgot, Mojo is, silly me.

Anyways, I think the raspberry is aged just right for consumption to begin, and then of course there is also blueberry, but if all else fails I still have a case of Troegs Mad Elf.
So I'll see you next Saturday for the start of decompressing.

Manuel Martensen

Ok, the archives then. HmmmÖ

Ah, i have something in my eye. Nah, itís nothing. No no, iím fine.

Good luck with that job, Kevin.



Don't really have much to day, but I didn't want to let you go without saying something....



I meant to type:

"Don't really have much to SAY, but I didn't want to let you go without saying something..."

Only that was really my thoughts talking, so sometimes the fingers don't hear very well, the especially when my brain can't seem to enunciate.


I'm reading it rain drop by rain drop. Number 12 had me in stitches.


What I'm doing, between sobs n tissues, is peering through a drinking straw. That way I am beating my eyes devious tendency to jump ahead and read the whole thing. Pesky eyes.


Good luck, Kevin! Remember to pop your ears as you decompress, it prevents jet lag.
Or something.
You'll be missed, so hurry back now, y'hear!

Terry Tolleson

It's inevitable that the awesome internet distractions will take breaks from time to time. You will be terribly missed in my daily browsing.

Hope to see you at SXSW!

Jon Buda

Good Luck! I'm sure whatever you're working on will be stupendous.


You will be missed.


*puts fist in the air* TO THE ARCHIVES!!!

Take care sir.


Good luck!

See you on the superest.


This has "classic hilarity" written all over it. Well, not literally. Because that'd be kind of distracting.


Just found your site, and I like the sock monkey very much !

Book looks great too.


dear colonel: and bread. we are good with bread, too!

*feeds the bear*


funny...but then again...not really for this poor guy.


Am I the only one who feels really sad for Mojo? : o
Dear, this is very sad. Together with the hiatus.


i wish I had your talent. thanks for the art.

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