Monday, December 24, 2007

A Christmas Passed

A Christmas Passed

Mojo's Christmas, 2007

I wouldn't mind getting a little visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past. There are certain things in recent years I could get a second look at. It would be great to see Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in the theater again. Perhaps I could travel to that field trip my fifth-grade class took to Harrisburg, and prove that Danny Fulton ate my lunch on the bus. I could even zip back to Saturday, and figure out where I left my wallet. It's not in my jeans.

Maybe it's in the car. I'll check.


It was in the car.

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Merry Christmas!


Good Yule!


Do you have my wallet as well?

Mike Fool

I have my wallet, but somehow all of my money is missing and the credit cards are maxed. I would like an explanation for this. Oh yeah - I have a girlfriend. Merry Christmas to all.


Mazel Tov, ya'll!


Mazel Tov, ya'll!


I'd like to see Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade in the theatre again, too. When the Ghost of Christmas Past comes along, tell him to get two tickets ... and popcorn. :-)

Happy Christmas!!


You make it seem like it's unusual to just stand around staring at the wall for Christmas. Are you suggesting there's something more fulfilling to do?


Have you ever noticed that anyone you have a negative memory about in your past, meaning when you were a kid, you always remember the persons FULL name.

For example, "and prove that Danny Fulton ate my lunch on the bus."

I've always found that small fact quite intriguing...


Hey Kevin,

It's Colin, the blathering graphic designer that asked you to sign my book on saturday. I'll start to comment more in the future.

To start things off, Happy Christmas!

Mr Chips

What The Ghost of Christmas Past fails to notice is the hole that Mojo is looking through and what is on the other side of said hole.

Manuel Martensen

Why do they do christmas outsides anyway?

Danny Fulton


Mountain Gnome

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Kevin, The ending seems to warp the space-time continuum, how does Mojo end up standing next to himself when he has clearly travelled back to the present in frame 18? Maybe sockmonkeys aren't affected by space-time continuums? My sockmonkey, Argyll, sometimes stares at the wall for long periods of time, but this is usually when he has fallen off the shelf!
BTW I love the wings on the Ghost of Christmas past!


Mr.Gnome, it's a bit confusing but to me it seems the christmas ghost has traveled forward to the present while Mojo has stayed behind enjoying christmas with his former self.

Terry Tolleson

@Mountain Gnome :: there is nothing suggesting that Mojo actually travels back with the spirit.

Elsewhere :: I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and got those argyle socks you were pining for.


Thanks all, for the Christmas Wishes!

Except Testmonkey, who gets a Mazel Tov in return.

Danny Fulton - I KNEW IT! You owe me some Hostess Twinkies. And not a cheap two pack - the promotional 3-packs they occasional sell when Hostess has excess yellow dye supplies!

Terry's got it right - the Spirit returns to the present, while Mojo stays behind to celebrate the holiday in the best way he knows how.


Ooooo!!! Hostess sells Twinkies in a package of three?? Gives new meaning to the term "threesome" ...


When I saw the following item I instantly thought of mojo. It's not an actual sock monkey, but I hope it inspires you anyway! I wish I'd seen it before - Merry Christmas Kevin


Haha - just like a REAL monkey... right? Maybe?

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