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Thankful Gyrations

Thankful Gyrations

Turkey stuffed with a Turkey

As entertaining as the above situation may be, it illustrates an important point about proper turkey preparation. When cooking your turkey, internal temperatures need to get very high in order kill the various bacteria that may be making a home inside your bird. Stuffings tend to protect these unwanted bugs, and then serve as a delivery-system right to your belly.

Let's hope no one decides to touch, hold, or lick Mojo. I mean, he's normally quite filthy, but in this case he's super filthy.

And actually, with his hips moving and shaking like that, I'd say he's super, SUPER filthy.

Thanks So Much!

It being the eve of Thanksgiving, I'd like to say that I'm quite thankful for the support of everyone who's purchased the new Mojo book — it is an honor to have your patronage! Hopefully a good bit of you have the books in your possession by now, and have had a chance to form an opinion. But before you share it here, I encourage you to return to Lulu and leave a rating (or review) of the book (or any of my other books), so that other Lulu visitors might give it a gander. Just a quick flick of your mouse on the appropriate star can help keep me in the book-making business for many happy years.

Here's a quick link to the review pages for the varied tomes of Bearskinrug:

Again, my deepest appreciation to all of you. Happy Thanksgiving!

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This is why I bring money to Thanksgiving dinner, though I've never actually needed it because the stripper always burnt to a crisp. Now we FEAST!!!


Yes, why have a Turducken, when you could have a monkey inside.

Have a Turmonken or is that a Turmonkey?


It's actually a Turmonkanana. Mojo had a light snack before his performance.

Jason Santa Maria

Ah, just like the very first Thanksgiving, gyrations and all. It's a little known fact that the Pilgrims were pioneers in the fields of table, pole, and lap dancing.


Well... historians actually attribute Lap dancing to the Lapps.


Oh. My. Golly.

I will take this image and use it to block out drunk Uncle Joe's tirade about albino bears being inferior to their darker furred cousins.

In other words, this is my happy place -my new home away from the inlaws.


Well, at least the dinner guests will really have something to be thankful for... there are hungry kids somewhere in the world who would just LOVE to eat a stripper monkey for dinner.


My wife said, "As far as strippers go, 'You can look but you can't touch.'" … I'm so hungry…

P.S. I like the way Mojo is saying "eh,eh" will doing the crotch thrusts. I mean, I like it in an artistic way. You know, like, uh, how you've drawn it. From a purely, uh, professional viewpoint.


This reminds me so much of the recipe for the traditional Bedouin wedding feast that is included with Pink Floyd's "Atom Heart Mother":

1 medium camel - 1 medium North African goat - 1 spring lamb - 1 large chicken - 1 egg - 450 cloves of garlic - 1 bail of fresh coriander

- Take the prepared chicken and stuff it with the egg. Pad out with coriander.
- Stuff the lamb with the chicken
- Stuff the goat with the lamb
- Stuff the camel with the goat. A pre-prepared camel is rather more convenient—don't be afraid to ask your butcher. Spike with the garlic and brush with butter.
- Spit roast over a charcoal fire in an arid desert area for best results.

Josua Bryant

Unbelievably funny. Thanks for that, brightened up my day...!

Mike Fool

I can't see from this angle, but is Mojo wearing buckled shoes to continue his Pilgrim ensemble.

Mike Fool

Squawk - Did you get this recipe from Bear Grylls?


Squawk - Did you get this recipe from Bear Grylls?


No witty bon-mot from me today, I do however want to wish all you a happy Thanksgiving Kevin. Being from South Africa, I've never celebrated Thanksgiving, but now, knowing that there might be a SUPER filthy monkey in the turkey, I might just start this year!

Mountain Gnome

Whoo Hoo
Go Mojo Go!
I just love Mojo's outfit!
I was waiting for a post with Mojo coming to a dinner party....
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Thanks too to you, Kevin, for another great post!


Happy thanks giving. Here in the UK we are celebrating getting rid of all those pilgrims by failing to qualify for the European Championships of a sport we invented, and losing the personal data of 25 million citizens. Aren't nations wonderful things!?


Mike: No, it's not from Bear Grylls. What is it? The recipe was inside the PInk Floyd album "Atom Heart Mother". Strange but true.

Happy Thanksgiving (Forgot about that last time)


happy thanksgiving to you, too!

and i thought we had a good thanksgiving dinner at my house... until i saw that you had a sock monkey stripper jump out of yours! i'm so jealous.

oh, and i rated the wippins campaign and ordered six penny anthems... yay!

Captain Purple

"Banana Hammock!" NOW I get it.

Leaf, probably

I don't think the mojo in a turkey has the same effect as a mojo in a cake would have...
I mean, I don't know about you, but when I see a cake I'm pretty prepared for the inevitable sock monkey explosion, but a turkey? You really do need to be a little prepared for these things.

Mike Fool

Bear Grylls is the host of Man vs. Wild. He is always eating odd living creatures or skinning large dead camels and sleeping on them. Its great.


I hope to NEVER have an exploading turkey at any of my thanksgiving, a dancing sock monkey on the other hand, well that might be fairly entertaining...


I hope to NEVER have an exploading turkey at any of my thanksgiving, a dancing sock monkey on the other hand, well that might be fairly entertaining...

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