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Mojo And The Pizza

Mojo And The Pizza

Grocery Grazing

Mojo doesn't strike me as a pizza lover, which could explain why things turned out the way they did. His favorite food, which I may or may not have mentioned before, is Beef Wellington — essentially a beef tenderloin wrapped in puff pastry. I suspect it's because he and Lewis both instinctively looks for foods that you can peel. Now, Stromboli — I could see him eating that.

But, if you're not going to do the grocery shopping, you can't be picky about what's left to eat in the house. In the Cornell Household, Kim visits the supermarket with greater frequency than I. Consequently, I am much more willing to scrounge for meals. I'm also much more willing to eat ingredients individually, letting them mix and cook during the digestive process. Why, just the other day I cooked up my famous Triscuit-Beans-M&Ms-Jalapeno-Olives-Seltzer-Water and Dried Cranberries casserole...

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You know, it took me a few seconds to realize what was wrong in that last panel.


Also, is "unpeel" a word?


DUDE! I'm NOT kidding when I say that in between me and the keyboard is a freshly nuked PIZZA! I feel so PART of the WORLD...and, you know...stuff...


Travholt - Perhaps! Or perhaps not. Just to be safe, I changed it to un-peel.

Anders - Well, I do usually write Mojo comics after watching you through my binoculars for a while.


I see now that I misspelled "un-peel". Also, I'll happily debate the peelability of frozen pizza -- most of such kind even have multiple layers needing removal before reaching a state of consumability.

And sincere apologies for not thinking ahead. If there was a way to edit my first comment, I'd do it.


"Thinking ahead"?

You made that up just now, right?


It is funny to me how me and my wife cook things. She takes the time to prepare and read a recipe. She makes out the list and goes to the grocery store. I on the other hand go int eh kitchen look around see what we have and put them together. She has a more frequency of good food but if mine tastes bad I simple burn it a little bit and eat it anyway... Mostly by my self.


So it's Cajun pizza for dinner, then?


Artbeard - Yeah... I tend to eat a lot of my cooking mistakes alone...

Testmonkey - Looks like it! ;)

The Colonel

This is a bit like the whole "thaw" or "de-thaw" arguement, isn't it? I mean, you PEEL a banana, so wouldn't un-peeling it be putting the peel back on?

The mind cannot co

The Colonel with the complexities!

It boggles!


When I first read about your famous casserole, I misunderstood the hyphenation, and thought that the primary ingredients were "triscuit beans."

I wonder what a triscuit bean would be like. Pretty fibrous, I'd bet...


Colonel - Excellent reasoning, Colonel. And after some quick research, I've come to the conclusion that unpeel, and un-peel, aren't even legitimate words. So I changed it to peel.

That's the trouble with being someone who makes up his own words. They very often don't actually exist.

Jrmy - This fictional Triscuit product eminds me of a question I had for Kim the other day. Triscuit seems to be derived from "Biscuit". And since Bi means 2, and Tri means 3, wouldn't it make sense that a Triscuit should be triangle shaped instead of square?

Not that biscuits are just a line...

I suppose this is the kind of irresponsible leap in logic that leads a man to create the word "unpeel".


Say what you will about Mojo's cooking skills - Lewis really should have known better than to put him charge.


It's safe to say Lewis's greatest flaw is his faith in Mojo.


Can you post a picture of this casserole? It sounds delicious.

The Colonel

You're talking to the guide who invented Orphanoleum.

Trust me, I understand.

blipple bloop blop

Everyone knows there's no such word as unpeel. The word you were looking for is dispeel. Or, perhaps, enpeel.


I find it of quite complexity that a monkey constructed of socks would require oven mitts. However I do appreciate the enthusiasm of Mojo sitting on the couch with his mitts and a pizza cutter.

I also enjoy Lewis' zeal for his newly purchased dinner.


You know, Kevin... it's national cheese pizza day... an awesome coincidence, or are you part of the super secret organization that decided "national days" for lonely dates?


It is a banana pizza, so why can't you peel carboard packages, as long as they contain banana pizzas.

I think that they should add that to every box from now on: "Please peel us".
Not that I don't like cardboard boxes that are not schizophrenic, but the mistake that Mojo made, seems like one that I could also make.


You soundificate as if imaginicating new words violates the sanctitudinality of your edumicatification. I must heartily disagree with such perplaticating and selimiting attitudinosity. I do so, however, with the greatest respect.

Meatball Brown

Beef Wellington isn't simply tenderloin in puff pastry. It's tenderloin slathered in pate and duxelles (mushrooms sauteed in demi glace), and then wrapped in puff pastry. In fact, it is the dish that made me an un-vegitarian. Also, Mojo is the best. I cook pizza like that too!


Having followed Mojo's exploits for a while now, I'm not at all convinced that it's wise to allow him to get too close to hot melted cheese.

The Biscuit King

Kevin, biscuit is French in origin and means twice-baked. If you consider the humble biscotti (clearly bread-like in origin) rather than today's mass-marketed biscuit, it's easy to imagine how such a term may have arisen. So perhaps triscuits are thrice-baked? I shudder to think of the effect on the unwitting consumer's pre-molars and would be reassured if they did indeed have three sides. Sadly, it's probably for neither reason - just some marketing chump thinking 'tri' sounds newer or cooler than 'bi'.


mmmm... banana pizza. do you have a recipe for that? or does mojo?

i can't think of anything better than pizza crust, marinara, pepperoni, cheese and bananas.



Frankly I;m surprised Mojo didn;t somehow catch the cardboard on fire on the way home from the store.


Well, Lewis was the one who brought it home... though I suppose it would still be possible for Mojo to set it on fire somehow...


Who doesn't like Pizza?

Pizza is like the perfect default food.


Well, it's definitely MY perfect default food.

Greg K Nicholson

The Biscuit King's last statement is probably right—hence “trisexual”.


Haha - yes I forgot to compliment the Biscuit King on his excellent research - kudos, your Majesty!


Oh dear, a childs skipping rhyme just poped into my head:
A triscuit
A taskit
My green
and yellow

anyone know of a link to a site that does word histories?


Oh dear, a childs skipping rhyme just poped into my head:
A triscuit
A taskit
My green
and yellow

anyone know of a link to a site that does word histories?


Who wants a recipe for banana pizza? I want the recipe for your famous Triscuit-Beans-M&Ms-Jalapeno-Olives-Seltzer-Water and Dried Cranberries casserole... :) If the secret ingredient is tender-love-and-care then I guess I'm out of luck...

ms cracker

"...since Bi means 2, and Tri means 3..."

In the debate over triscuit and biscuit, / It really takes less than a minuet, / To Google Nabisco, / And come up with much for that idea...

I'd hoped to chime in on this debate - I remember seeing advertising hyping the variety of wheat used for triscuits -- "triticale".
Although when you look at the package now, it just claims to be whole wheat.

But not to get too far off topic -- pizzas are great too, peeled or unpeeled! Great job Kevin; I enjoy your website so much.

Terry Tolleson

Lewis’ scarf always looks like he is sporting some kind of crazy Lincoln-beard. And that would compliment him well with that smooth noggin of his.

Elsewhere: we shouldn’t blame Mojo for the poorly written packaging. It says, right there on the front of the box, “Oven-Ready.” A class action suit is certainly within reason here.


PIZZA brand pizza has never been the highest-quality. They had that recall two years ago when the boxes turned out to be just holding painted trash can lids...

Al Power

Having cooked a pizza once with the plastic base still underneath (thus fusing it nicely to the pizza tray) this cartoon really hit the spot for me. Thanks!


@AL: did it still taste good?

Al Power

@Jeremy - well once I had cleared the kitchen of toxic fumes, the toppings were still good, but I had no industrial tools to cut my new hybrid pizza/pizza tray creation, so couldn't tell you. I ate what I could though as pizza is pizza. not bad :)

k.t. strasse

i always like the sound effects, but my favorite one (after gomp gomp) has to be *preheat*. there is just something about it. i think the only way it could be better would be if it were written twice, to emphasize just how much preheating mojo is doing.
*preheat preheat*

k.t. strasse

after gomp gomp, my favorite sound effect has to be *preheat*. i think the only way this could be improved would be to write it twice to emphasize how much preheating mojo is doing.
*preheat preheat*


Mojo should stick to take out...


I shan't be asking a monkey to make my pizza anytime soon!


What I like most about Mojo comics is that actions such as 'preheat' are onomatopoetic. I wish that MY oven made a 'preheat' noise.

Oy vey, m'Lord

(09.07.07 | 4:39 AM
anyone know of a link to a site that does word histories?)

they're called "etymologies"

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